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OnlyFans model Coconut Kitty dies

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Confirman la muerte de Diana Deets, modelo de OnlyFans mejor conocida como Coconut Kitty
  • OnlyFans model Coconut Kitty has died.
  • Diana Deets had been accused of «pedo-baiting».
  • The model allegedly took her own life last week.

OnlyFans model, Diana Deets, better known as Coconut Kitty, has died. According to a statement shared on her Instagram account, the model took her own life last week, a couple of days before Valentine’s Day.

Coconut Kitty had previously been accused of pedo-baiting, as well as grooming minors to join OnlyFans. According to the Daily Mail, this may have been a factor that led to her alleged suicide.

OnlyFans model Coconut Kitty dies

Confirm the death of Diana Deets, OnlyFans model better known as Coconut Kitty
PHOTO Instagram

This week the death of Diana Deets, better known as the OnlyFans model Coconut Kitty, was confirmed. A statement shared on her Instagram account informed her followers that the model had taken her own life on February 12.

The statement points out that Deets was a loving person who cared for others and asked her followers to pay attention to their loved ones. “All we ask is that you check on your friends and loved ones. You never know what someone is going through.»

OnlyFans model Coconut Kitty dies by suicide

They confirm the death of Diana Deets, model of OnlyFans better known as Coconut Kitty was a suicide
PHOTO Instagram

OnlyFans model Coconut Kitty allegedly took her own life last week, just a couple days before Valentine’s Day. It’s speculated that accusations she was altering her photos to attract pedophiles may have led to her suicide.

There had been controversy over the fact that Deets edited her photographs to make her look like a little girl. However, the statement published on her Instagram account makes no mention of it.

Coconut Kitty’s Instagram content

Despite having an OnlyFans account, he posted content on Instagram that left little to the imagination.
PHOTO Instagram

She posted risqué content on OnlyFans but she also shared revealing photos on Instagram. She regularly shared content with her followers where she’s wearing tight-fitting outfits or even lingerie.

She also occasionally shared illustrations in which an animated version of herself could be seen in various adventures. In one she having a light saber fight with Star Wars villain Darth Vader.

Saying goodby to Coconut Kitty

Followers leave farewell messages
PHOTO Instagram

Followers and fans have commented saying goodbye to Coconut Kitty. Most people say they don’t understand why she took her life and say they will miss her.

“Diana why did you do this.” “I will miss you! I will miss seeing your creative and beautiful posts. Rest in peace my sweet friend.» «I can’t believe what I just read. You were always so kind and generous.” “You were misunderstood. So misunderstood and I’m so sorry.”

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