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Can my spouse use my Costco membership if I don’t go with them?

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Costco is one of biggest stores in the world. This chain offers annual memberships, which can be purchased by anyone of legal age at a price starting at $60, although there are other levels of memberships that cost more and have greater benefits.

With over 115 million members worldwide, it’s no wonder the store boasts profits of $200 billion dollars annually. Perhaps that is why the store has certain rules about using your membership.

Who can use my membership?

Costco store interior

Do you know if your spouse can use your Costco membership? Being a family, the most obvious thing would be for both of you to use that card, right? However, Costco’s rules have long been stipulated, and among them is that only the holder of the membership may use it.

This means that no one but you will be able to use your membership, even if it is a member of your family. However, this does not mean that your family members can’t go into Costco, since each member can bring up to two people to the store and add one more user to their annual plan.

How many people can use my membership?


All Costco members have the option to add one other person to their membership, as long as they are 18 years of age or older and can prove that they live at the same address as the primary cardholder. This process does not have an additional cost.

If you want to add a third person to your annual plan, you will have to pay an additional fee. Regardless of the type of membership you purchase (Executive, Business or Gold Star) you can only one additional member who lives at the same address as you.

Can my spouse shop at Costco without a membership?

Costco store exterior

If your spouse does not have a Costco membership, they will not be able to enter or buy on their own items in this store. However, they will be able to make purchases online, although this is not always recommended, since the prices are higher for users who do not present their membership number at checkout.

If you don’t have a Costco membership, it is best to avoid entering the store and trying to make purchases, since doing so could mean a penalty for the main user of the account.

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