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Andrea Meza interviews the new Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel and people are still upset (VIDEO)

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  • R’Bonney Gabriel is receiving a lot of criticism.
  • People are still not happy about the new Miss Universe.
  • Andrea Meza interviewed her for Hoy Día.

Telemundo, Miss Universe and even Andrea Meza have had some difficult days after Miss USA, R’Bonney Gabriel, beat out Miss Venezuela and Miss Dominican Republic — who were Latinos’ favorites — for the Miss Universe title. Now her interview with Hoy Día has people even more furious.

The majority of the Hispanic public is furious and outraged, accusing the Miss Universe organization of fraud. Andrea Meza interviewed R’Bonney Gabriel and the comments were brutal.

Andrea Meza interviewed the new Miss Universe

Andrea Meza interviewed R'Bonney Gabriel
Instagram: Today Day

The question for R’Bonney Gabriel was clear: What is the moment that the new Miss Universe will remember the most from the pageant? Everyone thought she’d say winning the crown but Miss USA said it was being one of the top five most beautiful women in the world.

R’Bonney Gabriel said: “Thinking about it when I was in the top five I was like, ‘Wow you made it to number five.’ Seeing my family and friends in the crowd and also seeing the crowd with their flags and pride for their candidates, this is something I will never forget, for the rest of my life it will be with me. That’s what all of us in the top five told each other, how incredible, it’s a blessing,» she gushed.

Hispanic people are upset with R’Bonney Gabriel

R'Bonney Gabriel triumphed

Despite her response and her positive attitude, people expressed annoyance in the comments on the Hoy Día video on Instagram. Some even demanded that she hand over the crown to Miss Venezuela: «And you should also remember the faces of astonishment from all the other mises and from the public that she won and not the Venezuelan who was one of the favorites.» «Her first option should be to resign.» «Of course they gave her the crown.» «Let her hand over the crown to the top 2 that were Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.”

People’s responses were conclusive: «More than when that crown was bought for the whole world to see, the winner was Venezuela.” “Even if the crown is returned, whoever they give it to will not be the same. The illusion of being chosen and crowned right there is something incredible.” «It was her dream come true based on fraud since she participated in the contest in her country.”

Even Andrea Meza was criticized after R’Bonney Gabriel’s win

Andrea Meza interviewed Miss Universe R'Bonney Gabriel

In a video on Hoy Día’s Instagram account where you can see five important points that Andrea Meza gave about Miss Universe, even the Mexican winner of the contest three years ago received harsh criticism: «The truth was that nobody was happy for her, we all loved Venezuela.” “The best contestants were the girls from the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.”“By god no one wanted photos with her, only her family.”

«It was a fraud.» «Nobody wanted photos with her, not even the girls stopped to congratulate her.» «Now she wants to say that everyone loved her.» «Nobody was moved by God, the one who had to win was Venezuela.» «Nobody is happy for that winner, the robbery and fraud that they did, the winner is still Venezuela.” “I think there was a lot of discontent… they did not even respect their own rules… they crowned her despite everything,” more people commented.

The Miss Universe organization sends a statement in response to accusations of fraud

The new Miss Universe R'Bonney Gabriel

Faced with so much criticism and discontent over R’Bonney Gabriel’s win, the Miss Universe organization sent a strong message: «The false accusations of manipulation are absurd and distract attention from the incredible milestones that our organization and the delegates experienced this weekend.»

And they continued in the statement: “Saturday’s competition was the first time that a trans woman addressed fans as the winner of Miss Universe. It was also the first time that a Filipino American had taken the crown. Rather than focus on unfounded claims, we will continue to shed light on women’s empowerment, inclusion, diversity and transformative leadership globally.» SEE ANDREA MEZA’S INTERVIEW WITH R’BONNEY GABRIE

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