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8 killed in small plane crash in Medellín, Colombia

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  • A small plane crashed in the city of Medellín, Colombia.
  • Six buildings were hit by the plane.
  • The bodies of the victims have already been identified.

A small plane crashed in the city of Medellín, Colombia. Eight people were killed — six passengers and two crew members. The accident leaves the country mourning and the terrifying images of how it destroyed everything in its path have shaken the community.

The aircraft fell to the ground after takeoff in the Belén Rosales neighborhood, according to the Civil Aeronautics. The authorities have not stated whether there were more passengers on the aircraft, but the first images on social media have shaken the hearts of the people in that country.


Plane falls Medellin Colombia
AP Photo

The mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero Calle, said on Twitter that the Administrative Department of Disaster Risk Management and firefighters are at the scene «attending to the emergency», that the bodies of the victims have already been identified and that six buildings were hit by the plane, «which broke into three parts.»

He added that, at the time of takeoff, the aircraft «showed an engine failure. Unfortunately, the pilot was not able to keep the plane in flight and it collided in this sector”. This day has left Colombians in mourning at the beginning of the week.


air mishap
AP Photo

The Aeronautics began an investigation to determine the cause of the accident involving the HK 5121 that covered the Medellín route to the center of the country with Chocó, to the west. In photos obtained by The Associated Press, firefighters are seen working among charred rubble.

Among the victims is the owner of the company that owns the aircraft, Nicolás Jiménez, according to the local mayor’s office. In turn, the investigation will continue to determine what caused the aircraft to crash in a residential area of ​​the Colombian city. Filed Under: Plane crash Medellín Colombia


Plane falls Medellin Colombia
Photo Twitter

After the accident, the mayor said the following: “It is a Piper Bimotor aircraft that covered the Medellín route to the municipality of Pizarro, department of Chocó (west). Taking off it reports engine failure (and) is unable to return to Olaya Herrera airport. All the capacities of the administration have been activated to help the victims,” he added.

In the images you can see how a column of black smoke rises over residential areas several meters high, which generated fear among the population. The mayor reported on all the actions being carried out by the fire brigades. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Plane crash Medellín Colombia


air mishap
AP Photo

In the photographs you can see how the firefighters fought for several minutes against the flames, while the area was secured and people were asked not to approach it. Between rubble and ashes, the fire fighters risked their lives to prevent the blaze from spreading to other areas, risking more people.

When the deaths were confirmed, the mayor sent a message to the families of the victims: “A sad day. My sincere condolences on the death of the people in the plane crash. My prayers for them and their families. With information from dw, Telesur, Línea Directa Portal. Filed Under: Plane crash Medellín Colombia

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