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15 Reasons Why You Should Write Down Your Dreams

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Scholars, philosophers, neurologists and the like have spent centuries trying to understand why we dream and what our dreams mean. Why? Well, we spend a great deal of time sleeping (or at least we want to!) and we can experience some pretty incredible stuff while dreaming. During the 1970s, Ann Faraday, a British psychologist, became known for her work interpreting dreams. She encouraged keeping a dream journal so that people could record their dreams and attempt to understand their meaning.

So, why should we care? Well, Ann Faraday said, “In forming a bridge between body and mind, dreams may be used as a springboard from which man can leap to new realms of experience lying outside his normal state of consciousness and enlarge his vision not only of himself, but also of the universe in which he lives.” We think that’s something to strive for so we did a little more digging and came up with 15 reasons why you should write down your dreams.

1. Explore Your Subconscious

Dreams concept

The theory we all know, of course, is that our subconscious communicates with us through our dreams. By writing them down and thinking them through, we’re listening to our innermost voices.

2. Lucid Dreams

A dream journal can prompt lucid dreaming. In lucid dreams you are aware that you’re dreaming and some people can actually control what happens.

3. Self Awareness

A composition that captures the concept of a dream with tree branches

Recording your dreams can help you identify your hidden anxieties and fears so that you can work to face them.

4. What’s on Your Mind

Keeping a dream journal can improve your awareness of what you’re dreaming about and when.

5. Mind Workout


The process of recalling your dreams is like exercising your mind. Your subconscious has to work with your conscious mind in order to remember and record what happened the night before.

6. Better Sleep

Journaling about your dreams can help you identify your sleep patterns and gain an understanding of your whether or not you’re getting enough rest.

7. Keep Your Dream Alive


As we go about our day, we tend to forget our dreams. If we get in the habit of writing them down as soon as we wake up, we will surely remember them more accurately later on.

8. Feelings

Your dreams reflect how you’re feeling, and for this reason alone they really shouldn’t be ignored.

9. Remember When…


Your dream journal will turn out to be a fascinating souvenir of sorts. You’ll forever be able to look back to many nights of exciting dreams.

10. Creativity

Your dreams may just get your creative juices flowing and provide the inspiration you need to tackle something new.

11. Take a Peek

Illustration of a type of dreams with city

Even if you don’t immediately understand how they relate to your daily life, your dreams can be connected to the magical world of imagination and adventures exists in your subconscious. It’s a beautiful thing; embrace it.

12. Talk About It

If you can remember your dreams later (and you will if you’re writing them down), you can use them as conversation starters with friends, colleagues and important people you want to impress (or scare away, depending on the content of your dream).

13. Getting to Know You


Keeping a record of your dreams can help you identify different aspects of your personality that you might not be so in touch with yet.

14. Therapy

Your dreams, as well as the act of recording them, can be a therapeutic experience. You’ll find that processing your dreams helps you process events in your life that have been haunting you. You’ll feel freer to move past traumatic events and disturbing circumstances.

15. Balance


You might just find a new sense of harmony between your life while awake and your existence when you’re asleep.

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