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Finally Jomari Goyso decides to reveal the love of his life (VIDEO)

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  • Jomari Goyso has finally revealed the love of his life.
  • There has long been speculation about the fashionista’s sexual preferences.
  • Even his mother was shocked by his unexpected new love.

Jomari Goyso has a great love and, after refusing to go public with his romantic partners, he finally revealed the one he calls ‘the love of his life’. And it’s not a member of his family as many think. Even his mother claims that he’d rather spend time with his love than with her.

On Instagram stories, the host, who is originally from Spain, traveled to his childhood home where his family lives. He shared his journey back home to spend the December holiday in the company of his loved ones. He also went to reconnect with the love of his life who he even sang to.

Jomari Goyso travels to Spain

Jomari Goyso horse
Instagram: Univisión Famosos

After undergoing an unexpected surgery a few weeks ago, there was a lot of speculation about what was wrong. The truth is, the Spaniard has already recovered and he decided to show everyone by visiting his family in Spain.

Contrary to what one might think, Jomari Goyso did not grow up in the city. As his Instagram stories show, and in a video compiled by ‘Univisión Famosos’, his family’s house is in the middle of the country. This is where he found the love of his life who he finally introduced to his fans.

With a tender kiss on the mouth, Jomari Goyso sealed his love

Jomari Goyso horse

In a look that we didn’t know he had in him, a cowboy hat and plaid shirt, the fashionista shared the time he spent with two young people. They may be his nephews. He shared videos of himself playing with them so that people could meet them.

However, when he went to the stables, Jomari Goyso was happy to be reunited with the one he calls, ‘the love of his life’. It is his horse named Dorado. Dorado is a beautiful brown steed with a black mane. Jomari adores him with all his heart and didn’t want to be apart from him at all during his visit.

The presenter sings to his great love

Jomari Goyso couple

“My love, my love, my love… I love you, I love you, you are the love of my life, I love you…,” were the words that Jomari Goyso sang when he saw his horse ‘Dorado’. He gave him kisses, caressed him and pampered him as if they were a couple. We still don’t know if Jomari is dating anyone at the moment.

Even the presenter’s mother complained about the love he has for his horse. ‘Dorado’ was the happiest to see that he had arrived home with his family. «Son, it seems that the only one you miss is the horse,» Jomari Goyso’s mother couldn’t contain her jealousy.

‘My family thinks I’m crazy,’ says Jomari Goyso about his great love

Presenter clarifies his great love

«My family treats me like I’m crazy, because from time to time I go, it makes me sad that Dorado is alone, so I’m going to talk to him and give him kisses… really, that family of mine without feelings…,» said Jomari Goyso. In another scene he is indulging his horse, singing and saying: «Very good Dorado, very good my love…»

In another video you can see how he rides his great love: «He had never come this way, so we are exploring, right Dorado?» he says while exploring new places. People reacted to the video: “Your Horse is very cute.” “Beautiful.” It was also made clear that Jomari’s horse has his own official Instagram account.

In recent weeks it had caused controversy

Jomari Goyso horse

Jomari Goyso shared on social media that he was undergoing surgery but did not want to give details about what was wrong. The Spanish fashionista shared a message with his followers after leaving the hospital.

“Always in the hands of God. And with faith that he leads me to the right paths! Today I am heading to close a cycle that began years ago by ignorant and especially immature decisions of mine, it is time to turn the page and continue, it is something that I had planned for 2 years, but the pandemic and life wanted it to be today! Let no one worry! I’m in the best hands,» wrote the host of Sal y Pimienta, so users came up different theories about what was going on. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF JOMARI GOYSO WITH HIS GREAT LOVE.

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