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What do you expect from the Hyperion XP1 car seen camouflaged in Las Vegas?

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Foto: Captura de LinkedIn de Hyperion Motors / Video: MH
  • Hyperion XP1 prototype left footprints in Las Vegas in its second appearance
  • 300 units will be produced from 2022
  • The XP1 combines strength, technology, performance and futuristic design

The Mojave Desert of Nevada in Las Vegas of the United States witnessed the speed expelling the auto Hyperion XP1, a second prototype from Hyperion Motors that promises a lot.

Mentors fired up the ‘supercar’,

which works with hydrogen cells, to prove its ambitious power and autonomy in the city of casinos.

The Hyperion XP1 car was recently unveiled in Las Vegas, this was its second public appearance, as the first time occurred in 2020.

In Las Vegas it was piloted totally camouflaged to remain invisible among its rivals, while some tests were carried out before starting its production in 2022.

What is clear Hyperion Motors, American company based in the state of California, is to provide its possible owners with a ‘ship’ with strictly space and futuristic flight technology. That is, traveling to the future as the actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Alan Lloyd did in the movie ‘Back to the Future’.

Auto Hyperion XP1

Photo: Capture of Soy Motor

We already know that this arrival in another time is only science fiction, but the real thing is the new Hyperion XP1 car that adds technology, comfort, speed and performance on four wheels.

The Hyperion Motors company had its goals very clear when it decided to create the second version: the Hyperion XP1 car.

In its corporate communication structure, the automotive company aims to create a clean and sustainable future for the world, but we see that there is a long way to go to land on that stage globally.

Beyond the electric propulsion of some cars of today and gaining ground in Europe, Hyperion Motors is betting on hydrogen technology since, for them, «it is the future of electric transport without concessions.»

What do you expect from the Hyperion XP1 car?

When information about new cars comes to light, not much is aired so as not to affect marketing and of course stop other similar designs by competitors.

However, engine experts began to publicize their opinions on the Hyperion XP1 car, which could process miles of overwhelming range.

I am Motor launched a first appreciation of what sports car fans expect with the second and long-awaited example from Hyperion Motors.

The magazine claimed that the Hyperion XP1 car could exercise a range of 1,635 kilometers.

But other documentary sources have revealed that this prototype has a range of about 1,016 miles with greater driving in the city than on the highway.

Another issue that is handled by the XP1 is its body. How much does it weigh? I am a motor maintains the hypothesis that it will have 1,248 kilos.

An appreciation that conforms to the ideals of the company, as the XP1 prototype was built with extensively reinforced carbon fiber based on titanium for an “ultralight” chassis.

Auto Hyperion XP1

Photo: Capture of Soy Motor

«The objective of this type of body is to optimize acceleration, braking, handling and top speed,» Hyperion Motors said on its website.

On the other hand, Soy Motors highlights that the XP1 is designed with a sharp nose, has a short grill, while the hood covers multiple channels and an air outlet before the windshield wiper.

Another aspect that the official photos of the second approach of the XP1 in the urban area of ​​Las Vegas show is a halo that starts from the base of the front wheels until it covers the ‘C’ pillar, details Soy Motor.

One feature that cannot be overlooked is the doors, they are based on the wings of a seagull, very similar to the futuristic car from the movie «Back to the Future.»

Investigating a little more about this type of futuristic doors, Hyperion Motors has not categorized this design as classified information.

He said that the ‘Wing’ design of the XP1 is inspired by the «Winged Victory of Samothrace,» a statue found in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

XP1 motorization in another look and its hydrogen cells

The engine is a determining factor for the operation of the cars and is one of the characteristics that attracts the most attention.

One of the best known youtubers in the motor world, José Miguel Calderón, predicts that the new XP1 could reach a capacity of 350 kilometers per hour.

«What is known is not much, but it has power,» said Calderón in one of his transmissions of «God of the Immortal Cars.»

Likewise, he predicted that it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in just 2.3 seconds, «it is very fast.»

During the transmission of his show on YouTube he did not hesitate to say that for him, the XP1 could produce up to 800 horsepower.

On the other hand, he could not hold back and exploited all his admiration for the Hyperion XP1 car, taking advantage of his second outing to the outside world.

«I love this car, as it mixes the gothic, the classic, and the futuristic,» said José Miguel Calderón.

It only remains to wait who will be the first person to buy this supercar, of which a production of 300 is planned for the coming year with hydrogen cells.

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