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Top 5 Discount Coupon Pages (Free)

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Discount coupons are one of the most practical and useful ways to save when making our daily purchases.

These types of discounts can be found in magazines, newspapers or specialized pages, and some of them are valid in clippings or simply showing them on your mobile device.

With a discount coupon it is possible to access offers permanently, thus favoring the reduction of daily family spending, especially in those items that are for daily use or that tend to have a high price.

Discounts on food, personal hygiene and cleaning items are just some of those that can be found in this type of coupons; However, it is important to do a search for the best coupons, and many times these are found on websites and apps, do you already know them?

List of Coupon and Discount Pages


Honey Science Corp is a PayPal subsidiary company based in Los Angeles, California, which operates an extension to automate the process of accessing a discount coupon in ecommerce stores.

One of the advantages that Honey offers is a Cashback program, which aims to return a small commission in cash to people who make purchases in stores or selected items.

According to its website, Honey has an agreement with more than 30,000 establishments, with coupons accessible to its more than 17 million users.


Rakuten Rewards, formerly known as Ebates, is a San Francisco-based company specializing in providing shopping leagues to users, as well as cashback and reward programs, with automatic discounts on select purchases.

Currently, this platform is considered one of the most useful when it comes to accessing discount coupons and Cashback programs, and can be used on tablets, computers and mobile phones.

It has more than 3 million active users.

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Retail / MeNot

Founded in 2006, Retail Me Not is an Austin, Texas-based company specializing in discounts, offered through virtual coupons that are listed on its website and can be downloaded through a chrome extension. Among the discounts offered are coupons for accessories, automotive, beauty products, electronics, home and garden, jewelry, pets, toys and travel, among others.

This website offers digital and downloadable coupons for printing, as well as special seasonal discounts.

Like other websites, has Cashback rewards programs and allows business affiliation to expand companies’ earning opportunities.

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RedPlum is a website specialized in sending weekly Newsletters to more than 100 million users, as well as offering coupons for printing. These can be used in personal hygiene items, medicines and food, among others.


This website includes a varied list of discount coupons; Unlike other websites of the same type, SmartSource has a special section for users to enter their zip code number and access specific offers in each geographic area within the United States.

The coupons are designed for the user to download and print, listing them by category and brand for the convenience of customers.

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Where can I find discount coupons?

Today, discount coupons can be found digitally or in print. The former are found on specialized websites, which operate by means of downloadable extensions in the browser; This type of website has a wide variety of downloadable or digital coupons that are applicable through applications in different establishments with which they have an agreement.

On the other hand, printed discount coupons are usually present in department store or supermarket catalogs.

What are discount coupons?

Discount coupons are coupons or special codes that stores offer customers to access promotions or special prices on selected products. These are usually sent by post or electronic mail, printed or digital magazines, or they can be downloaded digitally from sites specialized in this type of operation.


Discount coupons with a useful tool that allows access to essential goods throughout the territory of U.S.

In past decades, this type of discount was offered through the printed catalogs of each store, although as the years have passed, companies have been modernizing and automating this type of process.

Today, there are multiple platforms and applications specialized in the generation of discount coupons, although each store has its own.

One of the advantages offered by discount coupon websites is access to reward programs or Cashback, which facilitates the transaction of goods and allows to optimize expenses by means of the return of cash to users’ personal accounts.

Today millions of people access discount coupons from websites such as Honey, Rakuten, RetailMeNot, and SmartSource every day to purchase basic items such as food and personal hygiene products, although discounts are sometimes also found on non-essential products, which They are usually promoted during festive seasons such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and July 4, among others.

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