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The true loves of Luis Miguel: These are the women who stole his heart

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  • These were Luis Miguel’s great loves.
  • April 19 is ‘Sol de México’s ‘ birthday!
  • Who was his longest relationship with?

Known as ‘El Sol de México’, Luis Miguel is one of the most well-known and beloved singers in Mexico. His romantic ballads are among the most streamed on music platforms in that country. In honor of the La Incondicional singer’s birthday, we celebrate his life and loves.

Because of the Luis Miguel Netflix series, which revived the singer’s popularity and revealed fascinating secrets about the La Bikina singer’s life, we also found out about the number of women who had relationships with him. Let’s recap who they were!

The loves of Luis Miguel: Mariana Yazbek

Love Luis Miguel
PHOTO: Twitter

Luis Miguel’s first major love! Yazbek met Luis Miguel while filming the music video for Cuando Calienta el Sol in 1987. The singer ended up madly falling in love with the model, who appeared in the video. Unfortunately the relationship did not last.

It should be noted that, according to Milenio, Mariana Yazbek was older than the La Incondicional singer by six years but that didn’t matter to the couple. The romance ended due to a misunderstanding, because Miguel thought that she had been unfaithful to him. At least that is how it was portrayed in the first season of the Luis Miguel series on Netflix.

Stephanie Salas and Lucia Mendez

Love Luis Miguel
PHOTO: Mezcaliente

The daughter of Mexican actress Sylvia Pasquel, Stephanie Salas, had a romantic relationship with Luis Miguel in the 1980s, which lasted two years. They had a child, Michelle Salas, who is now a gorgeous model and influencer. It should be noted that, according to Milenio, the relationship was never «exclusive» or «formal».

Another beautiful actress who Luis Miguel dated was Lucía Méndez. They were together in the 90s. According to Milenio, Lucía said that the singer made her believe that he was older than she was. Actually she was 13 years older than him! Sadly, the relationship didn’t last….

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey And Luis Miguel First Ever Public Appearence at Mr.Tango Club, in Buenos Aires (Photo by Lalo Yasky/WireImage)

Miguel met the Mariah Carey on a trip to Aspen in 1998. He could not contain his excitement at meeting because she was so talented and beautiful. According to the Netflix series, Luis Miguel poured on the charm to win her over.

The relationship lasted three years, until Luis Miguel suspected the We Belong Together singer had been unfaithful. After facing a series of problems, the couple separated and the break-up was announced by Mariah in 2001.

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