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Which brand of sunglasses is the best? Here is the top 10

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In the search for the best brand of sunglasses, it is inevitable to wonder how many of pairs are sold per year? According to statistics, the market value of sunglasses in 2022 is 23.42 billion dollars. However, it is estimated that this figure will increase annually by 5.82%. Impressive!

Of course, not all brands offer the same quality when it comes to the model and materials. Although for some, sunglasses are a necessity, for others they’re just for aesthetics. But one thing is for sure, the best sunglasses brands have it all! Here are our top 10.

1. Ray-Ban

Some sunglasses close up

The Ray-Ban brand is, without a doubt, a benchmark in the sunglasses industry. Founded in 1936, Ray-Ban has been pleasing customers for more than eight decades, thanks to its versatile, classic and innovative models that protect users from sun damage and make them look spectacular.

The most popular styles of Ray-Ban sunglasses cost around $160. For instance, Bob Dylan’s Wayfarers, Maverick’s Aviators and Malcolm X’s Clubmasters. In terms of customer satisfaction, this could be considered the best brand of sunglasses in the world.

2. Kirk Originals Sunglasses

woman with sunglasses

Kirk Originals is a brand of sunglasses that is preferred by millions around the world. With something that could be considered a stroke of luck, the Kirk family discovered a shipment of frames from the 20th century, which served as inspiration to create new models with great success.

Traditional and vintage designs from Kirk Originals amassed a large number of fans, especially in the United Kingdom, since they were first sold there. If there is something that distinguishes Kirk Originals from other sunnies, it is the quality of their materials.

3. Moscot

Lenses seen from above

Moscot is considered by millions of people as the best brand of sunglasses. This is due, in part, to the fact that it is one of the oldest brands on the market, since it was founded in 1915 in New York. Moscot is a company with a long history, but also with a lot of style!

One of the advantages of Moscot over other brands is that they maintain a conservative style, but have also ventured some innovative designs which has attracted a large number of customers, especially with their Moscot Spirit and Moscot Originals collections.

4. Oakley


The best sunglasses brands tend to be reliable and innovative. Take Oakley, a company that has outlasted others on the market thanks to being the favorites of elite athletes, baseball stars and even some members of the military.

This is because the design of most Oakley sunglasses has a sporty style and because their lightweight materials make them especially useful and resistant for outdoor activities, while maintaining comfort and safety.

5. Persol


Persol sunglasses are not exactly cheap, but they are one of the favorites. Being one of the best brands of sunglasses, Persol costs around $260 dollars for the Persol 649 model. Although it is also possible to find second-hand styles.

Among Persol’s most popular frames are commercial aviators. Formula 1 drivers and Hollywood celebrities, who find in the brand’s frames have the resistance and lightness necessary to accompany them to their most important events.

6. Barton Perreira glasses

Lenses on a brown background on top of some rocks

The best brand of sunglasses does not have to be the most expensive, but it is very possible that their prices are somewhat high compared to others. For example, Barton Perreira’s prices reach approximately $400 dollars per pair, a figure well above manufacturers such as Moscot and even Ray-Ban.

This brand was founded by Bill Barton and Patty Perreira, experts in the design and manufacture of luxury sunglasses. Their high price is due to the fact that each pair is specially designed to meet the weight specifications and environmental ethics of its founders.

7. CO Optical

Glasses on a blue surface

CO Optical is a UK brand specializing in creating unique pieces for an approximate price of 50 pounds. Their contemporary designs are full of personality making CO Optical one of the most accessible brands.

CO Optical’s designs make it one of the best sunglasses brands as they offer classic and vintage designs at an affordable price in addition to adapting to both current trends and styles that were fashionable in past decades, thus attracting millions of customers a year.

8. Prada


Prada is not only one of the best sunglasses brands, it is also one of those that dictate fashion and style trends in clothing, shoes and accessories. If there is one thing you can be sure of when buying Prada sunglasses, it is that you will get the highest quality in each pair.

One of Prada’s most requested models is the Linea Rossa, a line of designs with red motifs on the sides and polarized colors that evoke a classic elegance that will catch everyone’s eye for an approximate price of $150.

9. Burberry


Burberry recently released a minimalist line of sunglasses for around $170. This has started a trend among sunglasses wearers, and has positioned the brand as one of the best options when you want to look spectacular.

This Burberry Micromica design has sparked a lot of interest among wearers, thanks to its unique silhouette and its frame with a slight gold tone that maintains the understated essence of this style while adding a touch of originality and elegance to the design.

10. Garrett Leight


Perhaps the best brand of sunglasses is in Los Angeles, California. This, according to millions of buyers who have chosen Garrett Leight thanks to their fun designs and the sun protection they provide without losing the unique style that characterizes them.

An interesting fact about this brand is that it was founded by the heir to Larry Leight, the man who created another of the best-known brands of sunglasses, Oliver Peoples. A fact that has generated more interest in the brand? His recent collaboration with the Parks Project to create designs with biodegradable acetate!

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