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Christian Nodal has a luxurious new car!

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  • Christian Nodal has a $2.5 million car!
  • The regional Mexican singer wants to rebuild his life.
  • These are the details of the new Black Cadillac Escalade Sport he bought.

The regional Mexican singer, Christian Nodal, has given us much to talk about after his latest acquisition, a 2.5 million luxury SUV, was revealed. After it was announced that the Nodal will live in Los Angeles, the No te contaron mal singer is acquiring new things for his new life.

Nelssie Carrillo reported on his new vehicle. She provided all the information about the luxury splurge that Belinda’s ex-boyfriend just gave himself on her Instagram account. He is laser focused on his music projects and upcoming albums. Good for Nodal!

Nodal bought the car from a star dealer

Christian Nodal luxury car
PHOTO: Instagram

According to Auto Evolution, the artist acquired a Black Cadillac Escalade Sport estimated at $2.5 million. The singer bought this luxury car at Champion Motoring, a star-studded dealership in San Diego, California, where they sell very expensive vehicles.

Champion Motoring’s customers are mainly athletes and other famous people so Nodal, due to the great popularity he has garnered in recent years, fits right in. Auto Evolution shows us his expensive new SUV. (PHOTOS) Filed Under: Christian Nodal luxury car

Details about the luxury vehicle

Christian Nodal luxury car
PHOTO: Instagram

The Escalade Sport also comes with several premium features, according to Auto Evolution it is glossy black and has 22″ 12-spoke polished alloy wheels. Additionally, the luxury car features magnetic ride control and trailer integration.

It seems that Nodal has been very focused on the big changes in his life. The singer is moving to Los Angeles, California, and this is how the singer will get around the city. Filed Under: Christian Nodal luxury car

What do his fans think?

MIAMI, FLORIDA – FEBRUARY 24: Christian Nodal performs during Univision’s 34th Edition Of Premio Lo Nuestro a la Música Latina at FTX Arena on February 24, 2022 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for Univision)

According to the comments made by internet users on Nelssie Carrillo’s Instagram post, many agree that if they had the fame and the millions that Nodal has, they would also buy luxury items like the vehicle he just bought: «Congratulations to him, to It’s no secret that in LA he has contact with artists from all over the world and are very supportive of his career. Let him keep going, he is very talented.”

«Bravo, congratulations on your new life, may God guide you on the right path and bless you always.» «If I had that money, I would do exactly the same thing, start a new stage from scratch.» «That’s good, have your house, your car… all artists do that. Very good for Nodal that he wants to change the environment and what better than the USA. Live calmer and make your own way,” commented Nelsie’s followers about Nodal. Filed Under: Christian Nodal luxury car

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