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Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon sentenced for contempt of Congress

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Condenan a exasesor de Donald Trump por desacato
  • How long will he be behind bars?
  • Steve Bannon was also fined.
  • The president’s ally will pay dearly for his crime.

On Friday, a federal court in Washington sentenced Steve Bannon, who was an adviser to former United States President Donald Trump, for refusing to cooperate with the Jan. 6 committee investigating the assault on Capitol Hill.

Judge Carl Nichols sentenced Trump’s ally to four months in prison and also accepted the US prosecutor’s request that Bannon pay a fine, although he lowered the sum to $6,500, from the $200,000 requested by the Department of Justice, reports EFE.

Bannon was sentenced to 4 months in jail

He won't spend as much time in jail
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The prosecution requested six months in prison for the far-right politician in addition to the fine, while Bannon’s defense requested that their client serve the sentence under house arrest. Nichols notified defense attorneys before making his decision that Bannon should spend four months behind bars.

Last July, Bannon was found guilty by a jury of refusing to appear before the legislative committee that is investigating the assault on the Capitol. He also refused to provide them with requested documents, according to EFE.

Bannon speaks after sentencing

He breaks the silence after being sentenced to jail

After hearing the sentence, Steve Bannon himself told reporters upon leaving the court that he «respects the judge’s decision» while asserting that he is one of the members of the Trump administration who has appeared the most before committees, therefore it is a «lie» that he believes himself to be above the law.

The former adviser also said that he will appeal the decision and that on November 8 «the illegitimate regime» of US President Joe Biden will be judged, referring to the midterm elections, which will be held on that date.

Is the worst coming for Biden?

Is the worst coming for Biden?

Many experts predict losses for the Democratic Party. Nichols stated moments before announcing the ruling that he will allow the sentence to be suspended if Bannon’s team files an appeal, according to EFE.

In addition to this case, Bannon faces another trial in New York for alleged fraud in a fundraising campaign to help build a border wall with Mexico. In this case, he is charged with two felony counts of money laundering, two counts of conspiracy, and one felony count of intriguing to commit fraud. Filed Under: Steve Bannon sentence

What did the Jan 6 committee want from Bannon?

What did they want from Trump's ally?

The House committee wanted Bannon to testify about his involvement in Trump’s attempts to nullify the 2020 presidential election. Bannon has yet to testify or turn over the requested documents, according to prosecutors. A federal court found Bannon guilty of two counts of contempt of Congress: for refusing to testify and for refusing to produce documents.

The law punishes contempt of Congress with a minimum of 30 days in jail, but Bannon’s lawyers say the judge can spare him jail with a sentence of probation. Prosecutors argued that Bannon, 68, deserves a prison sentence for applying a «bad faith strategy», reported EFE. Filed Under: Steve Bannon sentence

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