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Priest fines followers $50 for cell phone use

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  • Father Adam has gone viral for his funny videos.
  • He gives a warning to mass attendees.
  • The father likes to joke about his faith.

On social media, especially on TikTok, Adam Kotas, a Polish priest who learned to speak Spanish and lives in Mexico, has gone viral for his ingenious way of spreading the word of God. The peculiar priest has an entertaining way of speaking to his followers and this is his unique story.

Adam Kotas was born in Poland on November 15, 1984 and began his journey with the Catholic Church at a young age. Years passed and he decided to move to Mexico, where he perfected his Spanish and adopted an original way of communicating. Even his religious ceremonies look like stand-up shows.

The most viral priest on TikTok

The most viral priest on TikTok

Father Adam Kotas’ social media posts reach thousands of internet users. Although many of his followers claim not to believe in religion, they are curious to listen hear they way he presents it.

Some leaders of the church that he used to belong to don’t find Kotas amusing and they are somewhat concerned at how this priest is presenting the religion to his followers, using his popularity and charisma.

Father Adam’s jokes

The occurrences of the father

Through irreverent masses, messages using double entendre and colloquialisms, Father Adam does not seek to judge sinners, but rather, to give them a verbal burst of reality. This is why some consider Father Adam Kotas inappropriate.

“The Roman Catholic Church is not in communion with the Polish National Catholic Church which was founded at the end of the 19th century in the United States of America. Adam Kotas is prohibited from performing any sacrament or any other ministry on behalf of the Catholic Church,» the Diocese of Santa Rosa California said.

He wants to charge attendees

Priest fines 50 dollars: He wants to charge attendees

TikTok user piciringuis has dedicated himself to sharing some of Father Adam’s appearances. In one of them, he challenged the attendees of a mass not to use their cell phones and threatened them in a very funny way that many laughed at.

«Everyone turn off your cell phones, the fine is $50,» he began before starting the mass, and the attendees couldn’t help but laugh. This made the priest laugh and mock a woman’s laughter. «You laugh like Guayamaya, laugh all you want.»

Everyone loves Father Adam

Priest fines $50: Everyone loves the father

«With him I would not miss a single day mass,“ social media users have been delighted with the priest’s charisma. His unusual ways of giving mass in the church have earned him thousands of followers on his various social networks.

«The seriousness of the father saying the fine is $50 makes us laugh.» «The $50 thing is a joke, but if you want, it’s not a joke.» «I really like the attitude of the priest.» «What a brutal energy he has.»  SEE FULL VIDEO OF FATHER ADAM HERE.

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