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Powerful images of buildings falling and people in the rubble after earthquake in Turkey

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  • Videos of the terrible damage from the earthquake in Turkey.
  • Little children were rescued from the rubble.
  • A second earthquake was registered a few hours after the first.

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Turkey was one of the deadliest in history, as more than 1,300 people have been reported dead so far after hundreds of buildings collapsed with people inside, leaving them trapped in the rubble.

Now, shocking images are circulating on social media showing the terrible destruction in Syria and Turkey. It should be noted that only 12 hours after the first earthquake occurred , another earthquake of magnitude 7.5 was recorded.

Strong 7.8 earthquake shook ​​Turkey

Images earthquake in Turkey
Photo: Instagram

Turkish television stations were showing split-screen live coverage of the rescue efforts in the most affected provinces. In the town of Kahramanmaras, rescuers pulled two children from the rubble, while others tried to reach a relative.

This incredible damage is usually associated with great loss of life and the cold and difficulties of working in areas affected by civil war were only complicating rescue efforts, said Dr Steven Godby, an expert in natural disasters at Nottingham Trent University.

Shocking images of the havoc wreaked by the deadly earthquake

They show the shocking images of the havoc left by the deadly earthquake
Photo: Instagram

On social media, a series of photographs and short videos began to circulate that revealed the terrible damage caused by the powerful earthquake that occurred in Turkey and Syria, leaving terrible destruction in both areas.

El Mundo shared heartbreaking images on Instagram of the people who survived the earthquake. The videos show some toppled buildings and rescued children.

Videos of collapsed buildings and a rescued child

Images earthquake in Turkey
Photo: Instagram

The first image is one of the most shocking, it is unknown if they are father and daughter, but a man appears hugging a little girl with blood stains on her face after being rescued. A second image shows a child covered in dust.

The man’s face reflects shock and he seems disoriented after experiencing one of the worst moments of his life. Terror and sadness can be clearly seen in his eyes as he takes the hand of the little girl next to him.

Terrifying moments that residents of Turkey experienced

Images earthquake in Turkey
Photo: Instagram

One of the videos shows several people staring at an apartment building, but when they see that it is about to fall, they immediately run for their lives. The video shows the exact moment when the building collapses. Some cars were damaged by the debris.

In a second video, a group of rescuers is looking for victims among the rubble. They managed to pull a child from the rubble who seems to only have minor injuries. Filed Under: Turkey earthquake images

The bodies of several children wrapped in blankets were brought to the hospital

The bodies of several children wrapped in blankets were brought to the hospital
Photo: Instagram

In northwestern Syria, the tremor exacerbated hardship for the opposition enclave centered in Idlib province, which has been under siege for years and suffers from frequent Russian and Syrian government airstrikes. The territory is dependent on the flow of aid from nearby Turkey for everything from food to medical supplies.

According to the AP, in the small Syrian rebel town of Azmarin, in the mountains next to the Turkish border, the bodies of several children wrapped in blankets were brought to the hospital. The US Geological Survey said the epicenter of the quake was located about 20 miles (33 kilometers) from Gaziantep, at a depth of 11 miles (18 kilometers). Filed Under: Turkey earthquake images

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