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Chronicle: MundoNow successfully concludes humanitarian work

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  • MundoNow humanitarian work continues.
  • Children from several countries are being treated for burns.
  • Hispanic children benefited from the program.

As part of MundoNow’s Humanitarian World campaign, where we occasionally share cases of extreme need with the members of our community, it has been possible to bless many people — both adults and children who were experiencing difficult times due to illness or some other catastrophe.

This time we are in the chilly city of Boston, Massachusetts, visiting the famous Shriners Children’s Hospital. It’s one of the best in the United States and specializes in caring for children who have been burned in all kinds of accidents. There are many Latino children suffering from these injuries who have been brought to the US with special visas so that they can be treated.

Children from several countries

Chronicle MundoNow humanitarian work: There are minors from several countries
PHOTO: Mario Guevara/MundoNow

Among the young people who have been dealt a terrible blow is Libio, barely 13 years old. He was burned a couple of years ago in an accident at his home in his native Dominican Republic. The boy climbed on a chair to light a candle because it was dark and it fell on top of him. The candle set fire to his hair and the clothes he was wearing, burning his face completely.

“At school my classmates call me a ‘monster’,” the little boy told me. In fact, this year he decided he didn’t want to go to school anymore because of the teasing. His mother confirmed that to me, which broke my heart and incidentally, made me think about how bad we are as a society, by not teaching our children values ​​such as compassion. Filed Under: MundoNow humanitarian work

From Olancho, Honduras

From Olancho, Honduras
PHOTO: Mario Guevara/MundoNow

Valeria is another case of those sad cases. The eight-year-old girl was burned from the waist down in her home in Honduras. Unlike Libio, her face remained unscarred. Her hips and legs took the brunt of the injury, to the point that she has a very difficult time walking. Thank God, both she and the rest of the children are already being properly cared for at Shriners.

All of these children have one thing in common: they come from very low-income families and they all arrive with just the clothes on their backs and a few belongings. Thus, MundodNow decided to support them again as we have already done with many other people in the past. Filed Under: MundoNow humanitarian work

MundoNow launched a campaign to help children

MundoNow launched a campaign to help them
PHOTO: Mario Guevara/MundoNow

In two weeks it was possible to collect a little more than $2,000, which was distributed among ten of those children. The cash was given in equal parts to his parents last night at a public event held at a Christian church in Boston where they organized a dinner prior to the Thanksgiving Day.

There were many people who support this noble cause by donating $10, $20 and up to $200. Although we were surprised by a group made up of Mexican members of the Catholic Mission the Americas, which managed to raise $1,000, the largest amount to help the children. Yesterday this was delivered and everyone was happy Filed Under: Mundonow humanitarian work

They gave me a nice surprise

Chronicle: MundoNow humanitarian work


I was surprised by a diploma for all the help to the little ones at Shriners and accepted it on behalf of MundoNow. They also gave me a huge banner with a photograph of me and my eldest son who is accompanying me on this mission today.

I decided to bring my son along at my own expense, because he has had a difficult few days after his last seizure, which was stronger than the previous ones. He was anxious and sad, so I felt it necessary for him to see that there are worse cases than his that are recovering successfully. Thank you for reading my Chronicle today on MundoNow. Until next time. Filed Under: MundoNow humanitarian work.

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