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Tania Estefy and Lily B talk about the launch of the Latina Approved podcast on Óyenos Audio

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Latina Approved podcast celebrates women (PHOTO Instagram)
  • Latina Approved Podcast celebrates identity.
  • Exclusive interview reveals passion.
  • Positive impact on the Latin community.

Tania Estefy and Lily B, the vibrant hosts behind the new Latina Approved podcast on Óyenos Audio, share their insights and experiences in an exclusive interview.

From cultural balance to inspiring travel stories, Latina Approved promises to resonate with the Latino community in every episode.

So, join Tani, Lily, and an amazing lineup of guests on «Latina Approved» on Óyenos Audio.

We invite you to listen to the new Óyenos Audio podcast, Latinas Approved, by clicking HERE.


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Lily B speaks after podcast launch

Lily B, Hosts, Latina Approved, interview, MundoNOW
Latina Approved Hosts / PHOTO Instagram @lilybcomedy

Lily B, one of the minds behind the exciting launch of the «Latina Approved» podcast on Óyenos Audio, shares her perspective with passion and authenticity during a revealing interview.

«I believe the unique value I bring as a host of Latina Approved is the experiences I share and how those experiences have shaped my perspective on certain topics,» Lily asserts.

This underscores the importance of sharing personal experiences to connect with the bicultural Latina audience, anticipating memorable moments from the podcast.

Lily eagerly highlights the episode where women exchange questions and answers: «It’s inspiring to see women offering positive words to other women.»

Topics of utmost importance for Latinas

Lily B, comedian, Óyenos Audio, premiere, MundoNow
Latina Approved Hosts / PHOTO Instagram @lilybcomedy

With a sparkle in her eyes, Lily shares her vision for Latina Approved, envisioning it as a sanctuary of inspiration and camaraderie for those seeking empowerment and celebration of Latino identity.

During the interview, Lily B also reflected on the importance of addressing topics such as dual identities and unlocking the potential of both cultures in the program.

«I think it’s very important to address issues about dual identities in our podcast because we are establishing representation with people who can identify with us,» Lily shared convincingly.

With a bicultural background, Lily expresses her own connection to her Latin American and American roots, emphasizing the relevance of representing a generation of Latinos that is often underrepresented.

Tania Estefy also spoke with MundoNOW

Estefy, empowerment, Latin identity, conversations, MundoNow
PHOTO Instagram @Tania Estefany

Tania Estefy, the other driving force behind the innovative podcast «Latina Approved,» shared her emotions and visions during the interview, revealing the process behind the creation of the program.

«We’ve always shared a mutual vision for Latina Approved, and the podcast was always part of our plan and vision for our brand, and we’re happy and grateful that today it has become a reality,» Tania confessed with a smile of satisfaction.

Her enthusiasm is contagious as she explains how the podcast is a natural extension of their commitment to the Latino community and their desire to create an inclusive and enriching space.

With a perspective rooted in celebrating Latino empowerment and resilience, Tania describes the podcast’s focus as an opportunity to share their perspective and experiences.

Latina Approved celebrates identity

Estefany, host, MundoNow, Óyenos Audio, premiere
PHOTO Instagram @Tania Estefany

The above, inspiring and empowering others in the process. Their dedication and passion promise to make Latina Approved a vital meeting point for the bicultural Latino community.

During the interview, Tania Estefy also delved into the importance of addressing specific topics within the «Latina Approved» podcast and how these would resonate with the Latino audience.

«The celebration of Latina women’s empowerment and resilience are extremely important focus themes for me personally,» Tania shared with conviction.

«Being able to share my perspective and experiences with the audience and listeners, and to empower them, is my great desire,» Tania emphasized, highlighting her commitment to the Latino community and her desire to contribute positively through the podcast.

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