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Estafadores Seriales: The Crypto Queen, Ruja Ignatova

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  • Estafadores Seriales shares with you a summary of the episode about the crypto queen, Ruja Ignatova.
  • A cunning woman who scammed many people with a fake company.
  • Nobody knows what happened to her, and there are thousands of theories about it.

There are a few people who, in their eagerness to amass huge amounts of money, resort to all kinds of criminal practices to achieve it.

Some of them are counterfeiters, others commit fraud, and some are more extreme and rob at gunpoint, but there are also those who use their intelligence to accomplish this.

We have heard about people creating a whole identity to get what they want so badly, but there are also others who create companies, and today we will share a story of one of those.

We share with you a little bit of the story of Ruja Ignatova and what business she had to amass large amounts of capital so that you will be encouraged to listen to this full episode later.

Ruja Ignatova

Woman, Shadow, Criminals, MundoNow, Podcast

The story of Ruja Ignatova, known as the «Crypto Queen,» is a captivating tale of unbridled ambition, massive deception, and a mysterious disappearance that has left investors around the world financially ruined.

From her humble beginnings in Bulgaria to becoming an iconic figure in the world of cryptocurrencies, Ruja captivated crowds with her apparent elegance, intelligence, and promises of boundless wealth.

With a prestigious education and innate business acumen, Ruja embarked on a career that would take her through the highest echelons of the financial society.

A graduate of the University of Oxford and with a Ph.D. from the University of Constance, Ruja seemed destined for great achievements.

Her Company

Currency, Capital, Theft, MundoNow, Company

However, her ambition would soon take a dark turn when she founded One Coin, a cryptocurrency that promised to revolutionize the financial world.

Under the guise of legitimacy, Ruja managed to attract investments of millions of euros from British banks and investors worldwide.

Her charisma and apparent success made her a cult figure within the cryptocurrency community, and her extravagant events and luxurious lifestyles only served to enhance her aura of power and success.

But behind the facade of glamour and wealth, lay a dark secret: One Coin was actually a massive Ponzi scheme, designed to enrich Ruja and her accomplices at the expense of unsuspecting investors.

No Trace Left

Researcher, Documents, Ruja Ignatova, Company, Podcast

As suspicions grew about the legitimacy of the company, Ruja suddenly disappeared in 2017, leaving behind a trail of financial destruction and distrust.

Since then, her whereabouts have been a mystery, with speculations ranging from her death to her ongoing evasion of justice.

Meanwhile, her accomplices have been brought to justice and face charges for their involvement in the fraudulent scheme.

Although her legacy of deceit and fraud remains remembered, Ruja Ignatova remains a mystery, an enigmatic figure whose ultimate fate remains unknown. For now, we bid farewell, but we hope you join us in this and other episodes of this program designed to introduce you to these characters.

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