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MundoNow announces the launch of Latina Approved on Óyenos Audio

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Discover the new podcast Latina Approved (PHOTO MundoNow)
  • Discover the new podcast.
  • Celebration of Latino identity.
  • Empowerment through podcast.

In a bold and exciting move, MundoNow announces the release of “Latina Approved” on Óyenos Audio.

A podcast designed especially for bilingual and bicultural Latinas.

This innovative project promises to be a vibrant space where Latinas can immerse themselves in stimulating conversations, inspiring stories and empowering ideas.

We invite you to listen to the new Óyenos Audio podcast, Approved Latinas clicking HERE.


MundoNow, Latina Approved, Óyenos Audio, bilingual Latinas
PHOTO MundoNow

Discover the new podcast

bicultural, stimulating conversations, inspiring stories, empowering ideas, hosts, MundoNow
PHOTO Instagram @lilybcomedy

The world is changing rapidly, and Latinas are at the center of that transformation.

With a dual identity, they embrace the best of two cultures, fusing traditions and values ​​to create something truly unique. However, this journey is not always easy.

That is why Latina Approved comes at the perfect time to offer support, inspiration and a sense of community to all those seeking to navigate this intercultural space.

The heart of the podcast lies in its dynamic Latina hosts: Tani Estefy and Lily B.

Tani Estefy and Lily B will host Latina Approved

Tania Estefany, Latina Approved, host, podcast, MundoNow
PHOTO Instagram @Tania Estefany

These talented women are not only experts in their fields, but they also embody the very essence of the bicultural Latina experience.

From their own experiences to those of their special guests, Tani and Lily are committed to sharing authentic and relevant perspectives that resonate with Latino audiences.

Each episode of “Latina Approved” promises to be a celebration of empowerment and resilience.

From exploring the complexities of dual identity to unlocking the full potential of both cultures.

Historic launch at Óyenos Audio

Lily B, comedian, Latina Approved, Óyenos Audio, MundoNow
PHOTO Instagram @lilybcomedy

With a growing demand for content that reflects the diversity and the richness of the Latina experience, this new project is perfectly positioned to fill that void and connect Latinas around the world.

Latina Approved is not just a podcast, it is a movement.

It’s a powerful reminder that Latinas have a valuable voice and a story to tell.

Through this space, MundoNow and Óyenos Audio are elevating those voices and celebrating the beauty and strength of the Latino community.

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