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Labor Day: Tropical storms could form before the weekend

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  • Experts are monitoring areas that could develop tropical storms before the Labor Day weekend.
  • Tropical storms could even spawn hurricanes.
  • Weather activity is increasing in the Atlantic.

Watch out for weather changes in your region, especially leading up to Labor Day weekend. Plans for the holiday on Monday, September 5, could be disrupted this year due to warnings of a «dormant» hurricane season that could wake up early this month.

The next three names available on the 2022 tropical storm and hurricane list, Danielle, Earl and Fiona, may be used this month, forecasters said. And this would be the third time since 1960 that there was not a single named tropical storm in August, according to The Sun.

Experts monitor systems that could develop into tropical storms before Labor Day weekend

Monitor systems that could develop tropical storms before Labor Day weekend

However, activity is increasing in the Atlantic basin, suggesting this type of pattern could end when hurricane season peaks in September. Meteorologists are watching for three systems that could become tropical storms starting on August 31.

This will give climate experts a better idea of ​​whether any of those systems could reach US land. Accuweather Chief Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said it’s still too early to tell if the disturbance will develop into a tropical depression or something larger.

Possible hurricanes if tropical storms form before Labor DayThey warn of possible hurricanes if tropical storms form before Labor Day

That will depend on whether it lands toward Mexico or heads north into the Gulf and the southern United States. A disturbance in the central Atlantic between the west coast of Africa and the Caribbean could pose a greater threat for a named storm to form on Wednesday, The Sun added.

“Will we make it to the end of Wednesday (without a named storm)? It’s probably going to be close,» Dan Pydynowski said. A fairly strong tropical wave could emerge off the west coast of Africa in the next few days and could become a tropical depression if it continues west.

Experts forecast 6 to 10 hurricanes this season

They forecast 6 to 10 hurricanes this season
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Forecasters said that is much more action than they have seen in the Atlantic this month. The ocean hasn’t produced a tropical system since early July, yet experts believe it’s too early to think hurricane season, which ends Nov. 30, will be mild this year.

Sixteen storms have been forecast for the season, two above average, though five fewer compared to 2021. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted 6 to 10 hurricanes in the Atlantic and they may arrive quickly in September, when the ocean is warmer, explained The Sun.

People should not «let their guard down»

People should not

“You don’t want people to let their guard down. Just because we haven’t had storms yet doesn’t mean we won’t,» warned meteorologist Dan Pydynowski. “And it’s not necessarily the number of storms that counts. It is: does the storm hit the US, and if it does, what is the intensity when it does?»

The New York Post noted that there are four disturbances in the Atlantic that the National Hurricane Center is monitoring because they can become tropical storms, and even hurricanes, and affect the United States before Labor Day weekend. «Although environmental conditions are only marginally favorable, a gradual development of this system is expected in the coming days and a tropical depression is likely to form later this week,» said that institution.

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