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Warning: Category 5 forecast for the Pacific could hit Mexico next week

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  • Category 5 hurricane could form in the Pacific next week.
  • Warning issued for Sinaloa, Mexico.
  • There has already been bad weather in the area.

HURRICANE WARNING! Experts have predicted a category 5 hurricane could form in the Pacific Ocean and have announced the bad weather could affect some states in Mexico. It was announced that, although hurricane season has not started, there has been a lot of rain in the state and precautions are being taken.

Mexican Civil Protection stated that they are constantly on the lookout for bad weather and the need for urgent alerts. For the moment, the authorities have told travelers to avoid roads at risk of flooding on the days the hurricane is expected to form.


Photo: Twitter

Experts have announced that a category 5 hurricane could form in the Pacific Ocean and declared that the state of Sinaloa could be severely affected. Their forecast says that the hurricane could hit next week.

Although bad weather is expected in the coming days, heavy rains and flooding have already been reported in various parts of the Mexican Republic, which worries residents. A warning has been issued on social media.

When could the hurricane hit?

What days could you show up?
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Local media reported that the hurricane could be forming between September 5 and 10. Authorities have been in constant contact with experts so they can issue an alert if necessary. The mayor of Sinaloa, Gerardo Vargas Landeros, offered more details in this regard.

«It is being seen that a great depression is forming and that everything indicates it will be one of the strongest hurricanes that is expected here in the Pacific Ocean,» said the mayor of Sinaloa, Gerardo Vargas Landeros, according to La Verdad. At the moment, the state has said that the water level is expected to rise.

Will they enforce the security protocol for natural disasters?

Will they reinforce the security protocol in the face of natural disasters?
Photo: Twitter

The authorities reported in session that several operational areas of the municipality have been preparing for any contingency. The possibility that this hurricane could reach a category 5 has put them on alert.

“I have a session with the trustees and with the operational areas of the municipality to prepare for this great contingency. I want to listen to each one of the trustees,” reported the mayor of Sinaloa. At the moment, the authorities are monitoring the situation.

What will the rains bring?

Pacific Ocean Hurricane Forecast: What will the rains bring?
Photo: Twitter

Given the forecast of heavy rains that are being recorded in Sinaloa, the mayor of the town has closed schools and warned that heavy rains may cause flooding. They stated that the rains will be accompanied by lightening, strong winds and possible hail.

«The rains will bring lightening, heavy wind gusts and possible hail. This could cause landslides, overflowing rivers and streams and flooding in low-lying areas, so it is recommended that the public follow the indications of Protección Civil of each entity,» CONAGUA indicated in the bulletin it released. Filed Under: Pacific Ocean Hurricane Forecast

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