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Hurricane Ian causes catastrophic flooding in Fort Myers

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¿Dónde permanecen los riesgo del huracán Ian?
  • Hurricane Ian hits hard as it passes through Florida.
  • Fort Myers was affected by the storm.
  • The idyllic city is underwater since Ian blew through.

HURRICANE IAN CAUSES FLOODING IN FORT MYERS! The idyllic city was hit by Hurricane Ian after it was declared a Category 4, worrying experts, since it is one of the most dangerous hurricanes in recent years. The National Hurricane Center indicated that heavy rains, winds and floods are expected in the coming days.

Governor Ron DeSantis declared that 67 counties are under a state of emergency and indicated that 18 counties are under evacuation alerts due to Ian. The water has continued to rise rapidly in various parts of Florida and it is expected that in the upcoming hours it will reach North and South Carolina.


Photo: Twitter

Fort Myers, a popular city for vacationers and locals, was severely affected by Hurricane Ian. Images that have gone viral on social media show Ian’s devastating effects on the coastal city which is largely underwater after the intense storm surge, combined with wind and rain.

Security camera footage shows how the water was rising rapidly after a couple of minutes, illustrating the great power of the hurricane on the coastal city, according to the New York Post. Posts shared by residents also show the storm’s impact.

Garbage flooded the streets?

Garbage flooded the streets?
Photo: YouTube

One of the videos that drew attention to Hurricane Ian and its passage through the coastal city of Fort Myers, shows how the water was higher than it’s ever been before, which pushed garbage through the streets while the waves furiously hit the houses, hotels, and businesses. The camera captured one of the most surprising and dangerous weather events in recent years.

But what captured our attention was that, a couple of minutes later, the city seemed to disappear under the water. At the moment, people agree the hurricane is terrifying.

Fort Myers Floods: State of emergency?

Fort Myers Floods: Ready for an Emergency?
Photo: YouTube

Another of the videos that made an impact on social media shows how the fire station was affected by the water. Firefighters can be seen struggling against the flooding after the arrival of Hurricane Ian. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE, HERE and HERE

«The floods caused by Hurricane Ian did not spare the fire station either,» user Raymond K. Azar (@AzarVzla) reported on social media. The images reveal the fury and strength of the hurricane terrorizing Florida.

Were homes under water?

Fort Myers Flooding: Does it cover homes?
Photo: YouTubeImages show how homes are almost completely underwater, with only their roofs showing. In other shots, sailboats are being dragged by the force of the waves and cars are submerged. There was even a shark sighting.

“Two hours ago Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida, as Category 4, with catastrophic storm surges, according to the local government. The images show the force of the winds of 140 km p/hour, damage to infrastructure and even a shark in the «streets» of Fort Mayers,» said internet user Tatiana Pérez, in a recent Tweet. Filed Under: Fort Myers Flooding

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