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Gut Check: How to Get Your Prebiotics and Probiotics Every Day

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Food plays a huge role in intestinal health. That’s why it’s so important to get plenty of probiotics and prebiotics to maintain your health and avoid issues such as poor digestion, diarrhea and urinary tract infections. We can usually get adequate probiotics and prebiotics through the food we eat, though in some cases, supplements are recommended. There are two main ways to get them: by eating fermented vegetables and some kinds of dairy. Find out how!


It’s wise to consult with a gastroenterologist or certified professional before taking probiotic and prebiotic supplements. This option is often reserved for people with specific issues. Before choosing a supplement, it is necessary to verify that it is an certified product and that it is designed for the condition you are addressing.


Kambucha to consume on a diet

According to research carried out by Harvard University, fermentation is one of the best ways to get your probiotics. This process results in the creation of lactic acid. By consuming kombucha, for example, you get the enzymes, vitamins and fatty acids necessary to protect the intestines and prevent stomach ailments.


Oats are one of the foods nutritionists recommend most for getting prebiotics that your body requires to stay healthy. Prebiotics can fulfill the task of enhancing the generation of probiotics that help maintain a balanced microbiome, creating overall well-being.



If you want to get the probiotics that your body needs daily, do not forget to include yogurt in your diet. Yogurt this is one of the main sources of probiotics that lead to an improvement in intestinal health. Yogurt is made from milk that has been fermented by lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. This, among other benefits, is good for bone health.

Fermented vegetables

Fermented vegetables are considered probiotic foods. This means that they contain traces of friendly bacteria for the intestinal flora that, when consumed regularly, increase the diversity of bacteria that helps to protect your digestive system. However, this does not mean that all fermented vegetables optimally fulfill this mission. It’s recommended to ferment and pickle vegetables only with salt, and never with vinegar.


A type of cheese that has probiotics

It is possible to obtain probiotics by eating some types of cheese, but only possible in its natural state. Cooked or melted cheese won’t cut it. Types of cheese that can contain a good amount of probiotics are cheddar, feta and gouda, as well as provolone, gruyere or edam. Check that the label says “pure” or “made with pure milk”.

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