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Long Covid symptoms: What they are and how to treat them

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Do you know all of the long Covid symptoms? Long Covid is defined as a condition in which symptoms of Covid-19 are experienced 8 to 12 weeks or even months after contracting the virus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), long Covid remains for more than three months in the body of affected patients and causes symptoms that cannot be attributed to another disease. Learn about long Covid symptoms and how to treat them!


Fatigue and tiredness is your body’s response to an infection and it often means you are fighting off an illness. However, in the case of long Covid, this symptom can last for several weeks and even months. Experts recommend adopting habits such as a balanced diet and activities such as yoga or breathing exercises, which help oxygenate the body. Adopting a regular sleep pattern will also help alleviate fatigue.

Long Covid symptoms: Loss of smell

long covid symptoms

Loss of smell (or parosmia) in patients suffering from prolonged Covid is a common symptom. In some cases, this can cause depression, anxiety or lack of appetite due to the uncertainty about the condition. In these cases, it is recommended that the patient undergo aromatherapy sessions, gradually integrating subtle odors and increasing exposure to open spaces that can dissipate the aromas that trigger parosmia.

Difficulty breathing

Patients suffering from long Covid may experience shortness of breath due to alterations in oxygenation levels resulting from the disease. One of the recommendations made to patients is to adopt postures that allow the proper functioning of the muscles, as well as performing breathing exercises.

Brain fog after Covid

A woman with symptoms of confusion

Brain fog is one of the symptoms associated with Covid and long Covid. It involves an inability to concentrate and difficulty remembering things, people or situations in daily life. In recent months, science has shown encouraging results for the treatment of brain fog, targeting the respiratory and cardiovascular systems to support brain health.

Muscle and joint pain

Muscle and joint pain in the arms and legs is one of the symptoms that most affects the daily life of people who suffer from long Covid. In these cases, physical therapy or medication may help. The impact caused by long Covid can be confused with other conditions so it’s important to see your doctor if you think you are experiencing long Covid symptoms.

Stomach problems

long covid symptoms

Long Covid causes, in some patients, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and persistent stomach pain that cannot be explained by another condition. A change in diet and regular consumption of water and hydrating drinks will help to promote the restoration of the intestinal flora, helping to more effectively combat the discomfort caused by this condition.

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