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How to get a Green Card? A young woman on TikTok reveals how she did it

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  • TikToker explains how she got a Green Card.
  • In a video that went viral, she answered questions about how do it.
  • The young Venezuelan explained the process.

IS IT EASY TO GET A GREEN CARD? A young TikToker reveals how to successfully obtain a Green Card and explained the process she went through in order to get permanent legal residence in the US. The video was shared on TikTok.

To obtain a Green Card, the person requesting it must review their profile and what category they fit in order to determine which process they must go through. There are eight categories to choose from and the eligibility process may be different for each of them.


Photo: TikTok

The story of Valentina Pérez, a young Venezuelan who managed to obtain the coveted Green Card was revealed in a TikTok video where she told her followers how she became a permanent resident. The process to get a Green Card is often unsuccessful so cases of people who manage to get often it go viral on social media.

In a video titled Story Time of how I became a resident of the United States, the young woman explained the process that she went out through after having a student visa and working in the country legally. Valentina Pérez, quickly went viral after sharing the story and explaining the difficulties she experienced with all of the paperwork.

How did she get a Green Card?

How did you get the Green Card?
Photo: TikTok

Valentina Pérez’s story began when she decided to move to Los Angeles to study English. Shortly after, she began to pursue a master’s degree in marketing and when she finished, she decided to get a job. In the video, she said that she moved to the United States because her brother was born in the country and that motivated her to want to study English.

“About five and a half years ago in Los Angeles, I decided to study English and then do a certificate in Marketing and Social Media. The reason for coming to Los Angeles is because I have my family, my brother lives here, my sister too. In fact, my brother was born in the United States and began the process to request my papers, but the process is still ongoing and five years have passed,» she said.

Could she work in the United States?

Could you work in the United States?
Photo: TikTok

Shortly after moving, the young woman began working at a marketing company, taking advantage of her marketing degree. For that reason, she was given the opportunity to work for a year legally. In the video, she pointed out that it was the company she was working for that offered to do her paperwork for her.

“Once I finished my marketing degree, with my student visa I was allowed to work for one year. In fact, I managed to work with them for a year and, after a few months, they offered to get me my work visa. Again, work visa, not residency,” the young woman said in the TikTok video.

More difficult for Venezuelans?

How to obtain a Green Card: More difficult for Venezuelans?
Photo: TikTok

The young woman pointed out that the work permit that the company requested was difficult for them to get for her because of the marketing degree and stated that the lawyers they hired to carry out the paperwork suggested a different method. Likewise, she declared that her visa expired in 2019 and therefore she had to return to her native country.

“We spoke with other lawyers who suggested that we start the EB3 Labor Certification process. My company agreed to do this whole process and we started this, more or less, in 2019. My student visa expired, therefore, I had to return to Venezuela while we finished doing this process and waited to find out if they would accept it or not. At this point I did not know if they were going to give me the papers or not,” she said. Filed Under: How to get Green Card

Did she manage to obtain legal permanent residency?

How to obtain a Green Card: Did you manage to obtain residency?
Photo: TikTok

The young woman stated that she had to do many things during the process and they declared that she was going through a difficult time due to the pandemic. She pointed out that it was complicated and took longer than expected but that the pandemic had played in her favor. She said that it cost her a lot of effort and time but that, in the end, she managed to obtain the permit for 10 years. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

“You have to try a lot of things. This process is specifically for people with special talents, for the area that they are asking you specifically. In my case it was communications, marketing, influencer, marketing. We Venezuelans have it very difficult. Immigrating to the United States is not easy, she said. «The process took longer than expected.» Filed Under: How to get Green Card

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