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USCIS sends updated guidelines for Green Cards

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  • USCIS sends an alert to immigrants about Green Cards.
  • The announcement is directed towards people who filled out a Form I-693.
  • When is the deadline?

CHECK YOUR MAIL! The US Citizenship and Immigration Service updated its guidelines and on this occasion they informed immigrants who filled out a Form I-693 about changes regarding the Green Card application process. People who obtained that form have a deadline to respond to USCIS.

The official Twitter account of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service keeps in touch with people who may have questions regarding the services they provide. The latest notice regarding Green Cards is addressed to many immigrants.



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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service reported that guidelines regarding Green Card applications has been updated for certain immigrants who completed their paperwork and received a Form I-693. The USCIS announced the change on Twitter.

«If you applied for an employment-based Green Card and we sent you a Request for Evidence for Form I-693, please respond quickly, so we can make a decision on your adjustment application,» USCIS tweeted. People who have received this type of form should review the pertinent changes.

Who is the alert for?

Who is the ad for?

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If you requested a Green Card to obtain a work permit, you must review your documents. This new announcement is intended for people were sent a Form I-693 after submitting their applications because there is a substantial change in the deadline and it is due to the backlog of applications.

“The overall annual employment-based limit for immigrant visas in fiscal year 2022 is about double what is usual, primarily due to consular closures abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to almost all the 140,000 family-sponsored visas will not be used during the fiscal year,” USCIS reported.

When is the deadline?

What is the deadline?

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USCIS stated that they are working on processing the largest number of applications and due to the closures during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have fallen behind in the number of visas that are delivered annually. For that reason, they decided to change the deadline for fiscal year 2022.

“We are dedicated to ensuring that we utilize as many available employment-based visas as possible in fiscal year 2022, which ends September 30, 2022,“ Indicated the bulletin recently published by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. For that reason, applicants should check if the USCIS notice arrived in the mail.

What paperwork should you complete?

USCIS warns Green Card: What paperwork should you complete?

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USCIS also clarified that if the person has been notified of the approval of their petition and there is a possibility that a work visa is available, they must have filed Form I-485. If you have submitted that form, but Form I-693 plus the medical exam report and your immunization record are not attached, you’d better go through these steps.

“If your underlying petition is approved and a visa is available to you, but you know that your previously filed Form I-485 does not have a valid Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, we recommend you visit a civil surgeon and have a valid Form I-693 on hand when we send the request to you,” USCIS said. Filed Under: USCIS green card alert

How many visas have been approved?

USCIS alert Green Card: How many visas have been approved?

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Finally, it is essential that the people who received this notification present the papers and forms that have been clarified in previous paragraphs. It is recalled that 210,593 visas have been approved this year. The data is up to July 2022 and it is estimated that until August 14, the numbers have been increasing.

“Through July 31, 2022, the two agencies have combined to use 210,593 employment-based immigrant visas (FY2022 data is preliminary and subject to change). USCIS alone approved more than 10,000 employment-based adjustment of status applications in the week ending August 14, 2022, and DOS continues its high rate of visa issuance, as well. We remain committed to taking every viable policy and procedural action to maximize our use of all available visas by the end of the fiscal year and are well-positioned to use the remaining visas.» Filed Under: USCIS green card alert

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