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How to convert audio to text on WhatsApp

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  • The most important messaging service in the world offers you this feature.
  • WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world.
  • A large number of people prefer to send voice notes instead of writing.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world. It became everyone’s favorite for the practicality and speed with which you can communicate with your contacts. In that sense, a large number of people prefer to send voice notes instead of writing.

But some users don’t like this feature in situations like public places where they don’t want others to hear what they’re saying or simply not having time to listen to them, especially when they are several minutes long.

How to install WhatsApp

How to install Whatsapp?
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WhatsApp is an instant messaging application, from which you can send text messages, voice messages and share files such as photos or videos with other users on the app. It is necessary to download it from an app store such as the Google Play Store, App Store or Microsoft Store.

First you must enter the mobile store on your cell phone, be it Google Play Store, App Store or the Microsoft Store. From there search and download WhatsApp. Once the application is downloaded, the first thing you should do is accept the terms of service for WhatsApp. Cick on the Accept and continue button.

First step to convert audio

texts on WhatsApp: first step to convert
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First, you should know that to do this you need an external app, so download it at your own risk. But don’t worry, since several users guarantee that it is safe and you can get it from the Play Store if your cell phone is Android or the App Store if you have an iPhone.

If you have Android, it is called Transcriber for WhatsApp, while if your operating system is iOS, you must download VoicePop. Once the app is downloaded, you agree to grant the permissions it requests. Later, open WhatsApp and select the chat where the audio was sent to you. Archived from: texts on WhatsApp

Second step

texts on WhatsApp: Following the second step
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Press the message for a few seconds until you see a menu with different options in the upper right. Now click on the three dots and choose the “share” option. Various applications will appear, so you must choose «Transcriber» or «VoicePop», depending on the case.

And, voila, the app will start transcribing the voice note. So you will have your text finished in seconds. Take into account that the application will write only loud and clear audio, so if some sentences are not clear, it will not be able to transcribe it correctly. Archived from: texts on WhatsApp

What is the benefit?

What is the benefit?
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As you just noticed, this feature will save you time for those moments when you are in a hurry or in public and there is a lot of noise. If you are the one sending the message, you can record your voice and have it converted to text to send it to your contact. This time you won’t need another app.

You must open WhatsApp, choose a chat and select the text field. Once selected, you will be notified by a slight sound that it has been activated. When this happens you can speak and everything you say will appear written in the text field. You can even dictate punctuation marks. Archived from: texts on WhatsApp

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