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Eduin Caz’s brother sends a message to all those who criticize him (PHOTO)

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  • Eduin Caz’s brother uses social media to express himself.
  • This is how the audience reacts.
  • Proud, successful and happy, that’s how Jhonny Caz describes himself.

Jhonny Caz, who is the third vocalist of Grupo Firme and brother of Eduin Caz, declared himself openly gay a little over a year ago after the cover and video of “Enloquéceme” came out. In it Jhonny falls in love with a man, which made the followers of the Tijuana group start asking questions.

He has been an easy target for criticism and attacks on social media, as there is no shortage of people who make hurtful comments towards public figures who share a ‘little piece’ of their personal life with their followers. But for Jhonny Caz it’s not so serious.

Jhonny Caz is happy about his homosexuality

Brother Eduin Caz message
Photo: Instagram

Remembering the way in which Jhonny openly declared himself gay and said that it was normal for him because his friends, family and people close to him have always known it, shows how confident he is despite the obstacles in his life. And as if that were not enough, it was applauded by the followers of Grupo Firme.

It should be noted that not all people have the same opinion about Jhonny. There are many homophobic Internet users who have attacked Jhonny Caz on social media, when all he does is to try to be happy and live his life to the fullest.

Jhonny Caz’s post that has caused great controversy

Brother Eduin Caz message
Photo: Instagram

For about six months, a post has caused great euphoria in the personal Instagram account of Jhonny Caz, because in this post the third singer of Grupo Firme expressed how he feels about his sexual orientation, responding to many haters who attacked him after he revealed his homosexuality.

«Who says that you have to follow the standards, look at me with my dark skin, very tight, homosexual, gay, and that is how I am PROUD, SUCCESSFUL AND HAPPY #mesdelorgullo #pielmorena #poderprieto #loveislove», were Jhonny’s words.

Eduin Caz’s brother experiences discrimination on Instagram

Brother Eduin Caz message
Photo: Instagram

After sharing the post, Jhonny began to receive thousands of comments.Some were good but others were very hurtful because, as we mentioned earlier, the online world contains millions of people and a certain percentage of them are homophobic.

Regardless of people’s comments, the third vocalist of Grupo Firme continues to enjoy his relationship and his great decision regarding his sexual orientation. «Ricky Martin is to blame for having set the tone.» «Poor thing.» «That’s disgusting.» «The world is going to end, even in grupera groups we have this.» This is a sample of some of the messages. Filed Under: Brother Eduin Caz Message

The news of the year, Eduin Caz’s brother is engaged

The news of the year
Photo: Instagram

Eduin Caz’s brother, Jhonny Caz who is also a member of Grupo Firme, received a surprise from his partner during a concert when he asked the singer to marry him in the middle of the show. Before his fans, the young man accepted the proposal, living a magical and romantic moment on stage with his bandmates.

The proposal was made in Madison Square Garden in New York, where Grupo Firme was performing a sold out concert. On Instagram, Jhonny shared the videos of him showing off his engagement ring that were recorded by his fans of the emotional moment. Filed Under: Brother Eduin Caz Message

Who is Jhonny Caz’s fiancé?

We tell you who is Jhonny Caz's fiancé
Photo: Instagram

This is Jonathan Bencomo, 29, originally from Chihuahua, Chihuahua with whom Jhonny Caz has had a romantic relationship for five years. Apparently, he and Jonathan Bencomo have known each other for a long time. This is according to a post the singer shared on Instagram.

Although the couple doesn’t have many posts together, they seem to be very much in love and they like to have adventures and take trips through magical towns in Mexico. In addition, they like to spread romance, since Jhonny Caz and Jonathan Bencomo always comment each other’s posts with tender messages.

We relive the emotional moment of Jhonny Caz’s proposal

We relive the emotional moment
Photo: Instagram

Jhonny Caz’s boyfriend prepared the surprise in advance. During his proposal photographs of the two were seen on the stage screens. In addition, Jonathan Bencomo took advantage of one of the group’s most romantic songs. «However tonight, fears and nervousness are not as strong as the love I feel for you,» Jonathan said before kneeling down and offering an engagement ring to Jhonny Caz.

After saying yes, Grupo Firme resumed the song that had started. “I would give you a whole life if I am born again. And if I could I would put the whole world at your feet,» Eduin Cázares was heard interpreting El mundo a tus pies, the group’s successful hit released in 2019, an entertainment magazine reported.

The emotional words that Eduin Caz addressed to his brother

emotional words
Photo: Instagram

Brother Eduin Caz’s message. “You are my brother, we have always loved you the same, not because you are gay we are not going to love you. I wanted you to explain things to people so that they don’t get the wrong idea because here we love you as you are and since you joined Grupo Firme, you have been received with ‘open arms’ «Eduin said.

And there is nothing better than the acceptance of one’s family, there will always be people who will talk and other people will attack the personal lives of artists. Society has changed little by little but despite the fact that homosexuality has been normalized there are still people who believe that it is the devil’s thing.

Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme pay tribute to fan ashes during concert

Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme pay tribute to fan ashes during concert
Photo: Instagram

According to a music program, the band proved again why they have become so successful with their millions of fans. A video recently went viral in which Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme paid a tribute to the ashes of a fan during a concert. The family decided to bring the urn so that he could fulfill one of his greatest dreams in life.

These events occurred moments before Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme went on stage, so the family approached them backstage to explain their loved one’s situation. The family told the band that their relative was a big fan and that one of his dreams was to sing with them. Unfortunately, he died a few days before the concert for which he had already bought his ticket.

Grupo Firme becomes deeply involved in controversy after waving the Mexican flag with LGBT colors

Grupo Firme becomes deeply involved in controversy after waving the Mexican flag with LGBT colors
Photo: Screenshot YouTube

The event occurred during a Grupo Firme performance. When Johnny’s vocalist and brother, Eduin Caz, sang the song «I’m having a hard time.» However, according to the recordings, the group didn’t bring the flag to the concert, but a member of the public.

After the video was shared, there were homophobes on social media who attacked the group and even threatened to denounce them for modifying the country’s flag. This despite the fact that the concert took place in the United States. It may be that the aggressors turned out to be Mexican and that’s why they were enraged. Filed Under: Brother Eduin Caz Message.


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