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First confirmed case of monkeypox reported in Mexico

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  • Through a short statement, the first case of monkeypox was confirmed in Mexico.
  • Hugo López-Gatell reported that the first case was registered in CDMX.
  • «He is stable,» stated the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion.

On Saturday, Mexico woke up to worrying news after confirming its first case of monkeypox. Hugo López-Gatell spoke about the incident and assured that, for the moment, the man who tested positive for the virus is in stable condition and in isolation. In addition, he assured that there is no latent risk.

Since the beginning of the month, monkeypox has become one of the main concerns for populations that continue to do their best to control the Covid-19 pandemic that has infected and killed so many around the world. It is for this reason that people are worried about the spread of this virus that is similar to smallpox.


Photo: Twitter

On Saturday, the Mexican authorities were surprised to confirm the first case of monkeypox in Mexico. According to the information provided by the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, the infected person is a 50-year-old man who lives in New York City and traveled to the Netherlands, where he likely caught it. It is not yet known how he arrived in Mexico City.

“Today we confirm the first imported case of monkeypox in Mexico. He is a 50-year-old man, a permanent resident of New York City, who probably caught it in the Netherlands. He is being treated at CDMX,” Indicated Hugo López-Gatell, who is the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion in Mexico and has been at the forefront of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is the patient’s prognosis?

Monkey pox Mexico: What is the prognosis?
Photo: Twitter

Hugo López-Gatell confirmed that the person is stable and going through the isolation process to prevent him from spreading the virus to more people. The Undersecretary stated that he hopes there will be no complications and that, within the next few days, the man will recover enough to be able to travel back home.

“Fortunately, he is stable and in preventive isolation. We hope that he will recover without complications,” said the Undersecretary for Prevention and Promotion through his official Twitter account. For the moment, specific information about the first contagion has been kept private. Filed Under: Monkeypox Mexico

How is monkeypox spread?

Monkey pox Mexico: Isn't it spread by air?
Photo: Twitter

López-Gatell reported that this particular virus is transmitted from person to person by direct contact. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that the mode of contagion is different from Covid-19. In the statement, they pointed out that it is not spread through air, water or food, so people don’t have to be as frightened as they were of Covid.

“Monkeypox is transmitted from person to person by direct contact. It is not spread by air, water or food. The efficiency of contagion is low, so there are generally isolated cases or small outbreaks, not generalized epidemics,” tweeted Hugo López-Gatell. Still, the public is worried. Filed Under: Monkeypox Mexico

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