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President Biden unveils new asylum rule to expedite processing

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  • A new asylum rule for the US.
  • DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas confirms the initiative.
  • “We will reduce processing times,” confirmed the Secretary of Homeland Security.

LESS WAITING TIME! Recently, the Biden-Harris administration confirmed that a new asylum rule was being implemented at the southern border. They announced that the purpose is to reduce the processing time for asylum applications submitted by migrants. With this decision, USCIS is expected to process requests from people who are in danger in their home countries more quickly.

Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, announced in a press release what the new rule will mean for asylum seekers who want to enter the United States. Likewise, he assured that the DHS and DOJ are aware of the process and will process each request fairly.


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Recently, it was announced that the Biden-Harris administration is implementing a new asylum rule for the southern border. This will benefit both applicants and officials. After the USCIS decision was announced, it is expected that the asylum process will be faster and that it will be fairer to applicants.

The rule and the intent behind it were announced in a press release which stated it will be implemented in the coming days. The purpose is to make the asylum process even faster for people who are in danger in their country of origin and want protection in the United States.

When will the rule take effect?

Biden new asylum rule: When will the rule begin to be implemented?
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The Biden administration confirmed that, on May 31, it will begin to apply a rule that aims to speed up the processing of asylum requests from migrants requesting humanitarian protection along the southern border of the United States, the EFE agency reported.

The measure will allow officials from the Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to consider the asylum requests of certain applicants subject to expedited deportation who have managed to establish they have a fear of persecution or torture in their countries of origin, according to the EFE agency. Alejandro Mayorkas explained the new rule and its benefits. Filed Under: Biden New Asylum Rule

The purpose of the new rule?

Biden new asylum rule: The purpose of the new rule?
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Alejandro N. Mayorkas reported that the DHS and the DOJ are working together to continue offering a fair and fast process to people who are applying for asylum in the United States. According to the Secretary of Homeland Security, this rule will reduce processing times.

“DHS and DOJ are establishing a fair and efficient process for handling asylum claims at our borders. As we implement this transformative rule through a phased approach, we will reduce processing times and the years-long immigration court backlog,” Mayorkas stated in the brief. Filed Under: Biden New Asylum Rule

Will asylum requests be faster?

Will it be faster than normal?
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In addition, Mayorkas stated that people who manage to meet the requirements to apply for asylum will be able to receive protection more quickly. But, not everyone will be able to be accepted. The Secretary of Homeland Security added that the rule will serve to quickly expel migrants who do not meet the requirements.

“Individuals who qualify for asylum will receive protection more swiftly, and those who are not eligible will be promptly removed rather than remaining in the U.S. for years while their cases are pending. We are delivering justice quickly, while also ensuring due process,” he finished.

Who is the rule for?

Who is the rule for?
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In a new statement by the USCIS, it was specified that the rule is focused on people who are placed in the expedited removal process after May 31. If the person did not enter on this date, they cannot be subject to the new asylum process. In addition, it was clarified that it can only be applied to families and adults who indicate their intention when requesting asylum.

“Only people who are placed in expedited removal proceedings after May 31, 2022 are potentially subject to the new process. Specifically, the rule “applies prospectively and only to adults and families who are in expedited removal proceedings and indicate an intent to seek asylum, fear of persecution or torture, or fear of returning home to the country of origin, after the effective date of the rule. The rule does not apply to unaccompanied children,” USCIS reported.

When will the rule take effect?

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If the person requesting asylum states that in their country of origin they are experiencing fear of persecution, torture, or some other danger, they their asylum application may be expedited. However, they stressed that the process will begin to be carried out gradually and with a small number of applicants. After that, the measure will become more comprehensive.

“The implementation will take place in a phased manner, starting with a small number of people, and will grow as USCIS builds operational capacity over time. Beginning May 31, DHS will seek to refer approximately a few hundred noncitizens each month to USCIS for an Asylum Merits Interview (AMI) following a positive credible fear determination.»

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