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Do you know what shoplifting is? Learn everything about this crime and the consequences

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  • What is Shoplifting?
  • Stealing merchandise from stores is very common.
  • What are the consequences of shoplifting?

What is Shoplifting? Not everyone knows the word «shoplifter». It’s often heard in the malls, since it refers to stealing merchandise or switching price tags to buy items at a lower price. In the United States shoplifting is a problem for many stores.

It is when people steal items from retail stores in a very stealthy way, without anyone noticing. Shoplifting is far more common than armed robbery.

What is Shoplifting?

What is Shoplifting?

According to the International Association for Combating Shoplifting, the scale of these crimes is massive. Every year in the US, stores lose more than $13 billion worth of products, or about $35 million daily.

According to the NTECH LAB, statistics say one in 11 people commit steal from shopping malls. The most common are when they are near their residence. Furthermore, only half of them are prosecuted for the crime.

Different types of shoplifting

What is Shoplifting?: Various definitions

Shoplifting is not always the theft of products, it is also when customers switch price tags to buy things at lower prices. When shoplifters are caught, they are usually taken to a back room for questioning.

At this point, they usually must wait for police. Most shoplifters don’t consider what they’re doing a serious crime, rather they view it as a harmless prank. Filed Under: What is Shoplifting?

What happens when shoplifters are caught?

What sanctions are there if they discover you?

The maximum penalty for shoplifting is five years in prison. This will depend on how many times offenders have committed this crime.

Shoplifters can also be banned from stores and shopping malls. This can be for a limited period of time or for life and sometimes the offender’s photo is posted in the store. Filed Under: What is Shoplifting?

How it affects immigrants

Migratory situation

Many shoplifters are undocumented immigrants who don’t realize the repercussions of their actions. Police can call ICE and have them immediately deported.

Even if the person pleads guilty to shoplifting, if they are in the DACA program, they lose the opportunity to renew it again. If you are about to obtain legal residency, this crime can prevent you from completing the process. Filed Under: What is Shoplifting?

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