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«The Princess»: Disney’s newest princess gets violent

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  • The new Disney princess gets violent.
  • The Princess is the new movie that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • «It’s a metaphor for anyone who feels underestimated,» said actress Joey King.

Didn’t they learn their lesson? After the controversy surrounding the movie Lightyear, which was even banned in several Middle Eastern countries, Disney is premiering a new move: The Princess. It’s a modern take on the princess fantasy.

This film is a combination of fantasy, action and martial arts about a woman willing to stand up to anyone who gets her way: «It’s a metaphor for anyone who feels underestimated,» explains actress Joey King about her role in this surprising film which premieres this weekend on Hulu.

What sets The Princess apart?

What sets The Princess apart?
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The studio responsible for immortalizing fairy tales such as Snow White and Cinderella has turned a page with this new live-action film starring a princess that could well have come from a Tarantino flick or the John Wick saga, according to EFE.

In The Princess, Joey King plays a young woman who refuses to marry the cruel, sociopathic man she is engaged to. The King decides to lock her up on top of the castle Rapunzel-style for this rebellion. (Filed as: The Princess: The new Disney princess gets violent)

A ‘different’ Disney movie

A 'different' Disney movie
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However, the second plot twist comes when the suitor, spiteful and furious at the princess’s rejection, launches an offensive to seize her father’s throne, something that only the Princess can prevent. However, she has to fight with the entire court: «When I read the script I knew it was different from everything I had read,» says King about her character.

After years of criticizing the stagnant story model in which a woman waits for a man to rescue her, Disney has made a move by offering a film that not only bets on the opposite, but also throws in action sequences and a bloodbath that very few will associate with its title. (Filed As: The Princess: Disney’s New Princess Gets Violent)

The Princess will let you know she’s in charge

The Princess will let you know it's her
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During the entire hour and a half of The Princess you never get to hear her name, a detail that Joey King says «she doesn’t need». «She’s the princess and she’ll let you know,» King jokes. The director of the film, Le-Van Kiet, explains more about this decision.

«When we finished writing the film we tried to find a name, but we realized that we had invested so much in creating the unique aura that it has that we realized that no name would do her justice,» says Kiet, known for directing Furie (2019), the highest grossing film in the history of Vietnam.

The Princess is inspired by Brave and Tangled

The Princess is inspired by Brave and Tangled
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The filmmaker insists he was inspired by other recent stories like Brave and Tangled, which were already changing the foundations of princess stories, but «I wanted to do something completely different.» For this reason, The Princess stands out for long shots, choreographed fights and creative weapons.

From hairpins and pearls to vegetables that prove to be more deadly than one might think if they fall into the right hands: “There is a point of absurdity and a point of exaggeration,» says the director. «She has the necessary humor so that you don’t take her too seriously but at the same time you empathize with the character and have a good time.”

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