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What happened to Daniel Gauvry? The heartthrob from soap operas like ‘Marimar’ resurfaces (PHOTOS)

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  • Almost 30 years after Marimar we find out what happened to actor Daniel Gauvry.
  • The blond, blue-eyed Argentine conquered hearts in his time.
  • The retired TV actor still looks incredible.

Many TV actors and actresses have gotten famous appearing in telenovelas on Televisa, however, not all of them are still working, especially now that show business has diversified and new stars are emerging. Former actor Daniel Gauvry is a perfect example.

The heartthrob from soap operas like Marimar, Maria la del Barrio and Por Un Beso stood out for his acting talents as well as for his good looks. The Argentine stole the spotlight from the other stars with his blond hair and blue eyes. This happened to Eduardo Capetillo when he played his best friend on Las Marías.

Daniel Gauvry conquered hearts on Marimar and other soap operas

Daniel Gauvry

Marimar has been one of the most successful telenovelas of all time on Televisa, as it was sold to dozens of countries where Thalía and Eduardo Capetillo became internationally famous figures. However, other actors such as Chantal Andere and Daniel Gauvry were less well-known. Now he’s stunning people with his amazing looks.

According Las Estrellas, Daniel Gauvry reached the peak of his career in 1994 when he played ‘Arturo Galván’, the best friend of the male star, played by Eduardo Capetillo. Gauvry conquered thousands of hearts at the time however, he would later come out as gay.

Daniel Gauvry came out in 2011

Gallant of Marimar

While in 1994 he shared credits with Thalía and Eduardo Capetillo in Marimar, Daniel Gauvry conquered hearts as the star’s best friend and from there he appeared on other Televisa melodramas such as Por Un Beso, Por Tu Amor and María la del Barrio. In 2011 he came out as gay.

Since Daniel Gauvry came out he’s been living Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. He’s interested in acting, massage therapy and is active fighting for gay rights.

Daniel Gauvry resurfaces years after his fame on Televisa soap operas

Gay and gives massages

On Instagram, Daniel Gauvry reveals that he leads a quiet life and has been away out of the limelight for several years, since his last soap opera role was in 2017. He continues to work as a gay activist, he is a lover of dogs and it was even said that he gives erotic massages.

Unión Cancún, claimed in 2013 that the blonde former actor, now with distinguished gray hair, gave erotic massages. However, he denied this, saying it was stone-based therapy.

How Daniel Gauvry looks at 63

Daniel Gauvry and his partner

Currently, Daniel Gauvry is 63 years old, and on his Instagram account he reveals that he is a dog lover, likes to exercise, is active in gay rights and continues to act in plays… He shows off a gym body and shares moments with his friends.

In his most recent Instagram photo, he’s posing with other artists, inviting them to a table where he will talk about painting. He also poses with one of his dogs whom he loves deeply and he shows that he’s aging gracefully. SEE THE PHOTOS OF DANIEL GAUVRY.

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