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Chyno Miranda’s mother sends a message after breaking her silence

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  • Singer Chyno Miranda’s mother finally appears.
  • There has been a lot of speculation about Chyno’s health.
  • What happened to the Venezuelan singer?

In recent months, the health of Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda has been a topic that’s been on everyone’s lips. It was said that he wasn’t doing very well after suffering from Covid-19, and now his mother has appeared for the first time after all the drama.

A couple of months ago it was said that a cousin of the singer had kidnapped him and «stolen» his money. Now Chyno’s mother made an appearance, surprising many, since they did not expect that in the midst of all the controversy with her son she would express herself in that way.

What about Chyno Miranda?

What about Chyno Miranda?
PHOTO: Instagram

Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda’s health has once again caused concern on social networks in recent months. His manager explained that the artist is still recovering after having suffered peripheral neuropathy in 2020 after becoming ill with Covid-19.

The Mayo Clinic describes peripheral neuropathy as a sequela of some damage to the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord, known as the peripheral nerves. His fans began to worry and many rumors circulated, including that he had died and that he was kidnapped.

Some claimed that he had been kidnapped

They claimed that he had been kidnapped
PHOTO: Instagram

On the Mexican entertainment program, Chisme no like, presenters Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain said that Chyno Miranda «had been kidnapped by a cousin in Venezuela” and that was why he had been absent in recent months.

The woman was said to be named Yurubia and she allegedly took the singer to Caracas, Venezuela to put him into a government hospital in that country. «The cousin is the one who has his guardianship, she has his money and is making decisions for Chyno Miranda,» Javier Ceriani said. FILED UNDER: Chyno Miranda’s Mother

Chyno Miranda’s mother wrote a moving message

Mother of Chyno Miranda: Dedicates a moving message
PHOTO: Instagram

The Venezuelan singer had a son with Nastasha Araos, however, when Chyno was transferred to Venezuela to be checked for his health problems, he lost contact with his little Lucca. The boy lives with his mother in Miami and has not had much communication with his father.

Alcira Pérez Ochoa, mother of Chyno and grandmother of Lucca, wanted to dedicate a message to her beloved grandson, whom she has not seen for a long time due to their complicated situation. FILED UNDER: Chyno Miranda’s Mother

«My greatest love»

Chyno Miranda's mother: "My biggest love"
PHOTO: Instagram

“My greatest love, a big hug my prince. Soon we will be together,” wrote the grandmother in a message to her grandson Lucca, to show that she misses him a lot.

Although her son’s ex has not shared images of her little grandson again, Alcira made an exception. However, according to People en español, the post was removed minutes later. FILED UNDER: Chyno Miranda’s Mother

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