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Chayanne shows everyone’s ‘father-in-law’ and receives tons of Father’s Day messages

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  • On Father’s Day, Chayanne posts a photo with ‘the father-in-law’.
  • His ‘children’ didn’t hesitate to congratulate Chayanne, the favorite father.
  • Chayanne turns the networks on fire after uploading a photo with his dad.

The quintessential father, the Puerto Rican singer Chayanne, turned social networks on fire and not by uploading a photograph showing his toned body… no, this time he drove thousands of fans crazy by showing «the father-in-law», yes, the singer celebrated his father with a tender photograph.

On his Instagram account, Chayanne posted a photo with his father, in which the singer is seen on his father’s lap, the message he wrote was the following: “We are always children. Long live love! Happy Father’s Day!” and it immediately reached 202,153 likes and received thousands of comments.

Chayanne dad: ‘His children’ congratulate him

Chayanne daddy, present it on Instagram
PHOTO Instagram

The post immediately sparked thousands of commentsWell, as it will be remembered, Chayanne is the father par excellence of Latinos, since mothers always say “your dad Chayanne”, and those ‘sons’ wrote to him: “Happy day daddy, we’ll spend next time together”.

“We are brothers !!!”, “The other year he spends with me, he promised me”, “He promised me the same”, “Brother, so long”, “Next year all with daddy, please”, “I don’t I’ve seen since I was born ”,“ I came to greet Dad and I met my brothers hahahaha ”.

Chayanne dad: «My grandfather»

Chayanne dad: Celebrate with your family
PHOTO Instagram

Internet users, all ‘children’ of Chayanne, did not miss the date to congratulate their father: «Happy day, Dad», «My grandfather», «My mother says if you will come to dinner», «Happy day to my grandfather and my tasty old man ”,“ Dad please come back, we miss you with mom ”,“ My absent father, happy day ”.

«Pay the pension», «Dad comes home», «How nice it is to be born in the same era as Chayanne», «Happy day, dad, I miss you», «Dad and grandfather», «Aahh happy day dad, you love, even if you’ve gone for cigarettes «,» Dad recognize me «,» Dad pay me my pension and stop having children. «

Chayanne dad: «America’s father-in-law»

Chayanne dad, the networks received thousands of congratulations
PHOTO Instagram

The good comments made by Chayanne’s father were immediate and also the claims to the singer for his popular fatherhood: «The father-in-law of America», «Happy father’s day, come and see me» «Nice father», «Happy father’s day, you Strange ”,“ Happy grandfather day ”,“ Happy day pa ”.

«Happy day to you who are my dad», «Happy day, apa! A hug for you and my grandfather ”,“ Happy day, Dad, I love you ”,“ Happy day Dad, I love him very much and we miss him at home ”,“ Congratulations to you and the father-in-law ”,“ Dad I miss you again home, the children miss you ”,“ How does it feel to be the true father of half the world? I love you dad».

Chayanne dad: «Happy Father’s Day to my superhero»

Cahayanne dad: His daughter writes him a nice congratulatory message
PHOTO Instagram

Who also dedicated some nice words to his father, because he is his real father, it was his daughter Isadora, the young woman accompanied her congratulations with several photographs where you can see the interpreter of «Torero» and his older brother, Lorenzo: Happy Father’s Day to my superhero. We love you Fafiiiii !! xx «.

The publication received 28,955 likes and thousands of comments, including the following: «Beautiful as a father», «Happy day to the father of Latin America. My dad according to my mom ”,“ Our dad ”,“ Happy day to “our dad” ”,“ Happy day to everyone’s dad ”,“ The other family hahaha ”.

Chayanne dad: «Our dad»

Chayanne papa, could not miss the memes
PHOTO Twitter

On the Instagram of Isadora, Chayanne’s daughter, the comments and congratulations for the «favorite father» did not wait: «Congratulations to your father, the father of my children and many more without him knowing it», » Our dad ”,“ Congratulations to our Daddy !! ”.

«Even if I live with you, he is still my father, although he was absent I will always love him», «The father of the papa. Happy Father’s Day! ”,“ Happy day to the daddy of all ”,“ Congratulations to the daddy ”,“ Happy father’s day to my DADDY ”,“ Happy day to the dad of the world world to Chayanne ”.

It’s Father’s Day and the memes know it

PHOTO Twitter

Father’s Day was marked by congratulations, meetings, calls, gifts, but especially memes from Chayanne, as he reads it, on the internet, they did not miss the opportunity to do their thing with these controversial images of the interpreter of “Tiempo de vals ”.

This trend takes up an old joke that arose as a result of the taste of Latin American mothers, the vast majority, for the Puerto Rican, because since their babies were children they called them «your papa Chayanne», every time they saw him go out in the TV.

Trending on Twitter

PHOTO Twitter

The memes did not stop being seen on social networks, especially on Twitter, where when putting Chayanne’s name, images immediately appeared that alluded to the father of Latin America: “Have you already congratulated Chayanne? I mean … that dude is literally the platonic dad of half Twitter. »

There were other Internet users who were not even satisfied with the memes, because they even changed the name of Father’s Day to Chayanne’s Day. The singer’s memes achieved their mission, to bring a smile to those who read them, as many are very funny.

«I am your father!» Good and bad dads in the movies

PHOTO Twitter

Father’s Day is cause for celebration and controversy. While some celebrate having a father figure in their lives, others reappear the debate about the absent father and mothers who have had to exercise both roles in caring for their children, and the El Universal agency lists some of them.

The cinema is not without parents who have proven not to be a good example. At the beginning of the 90’s Robin Williams taught us in «Dad Forever» that through children it is possible to change. The actor played Daniel Hillard, a man who is facing divorce because his wife is tired of his lack of commitment and to spend time with their children dresses as a woman and poses as the nanny Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire.

The villain parents of the seventh art

PHOTO Twitter

Although it was not the best idea to get closer to his children, in the end he realizes what he lost by not being there for his family and tries to be a better dad. But not all cases have ended with a happy ending and to show one of the most remembered villains in cinema.

Darth Vader surprised everyone in the 1980s with his famous line «No, I am your father», which he tells Luke Skywalker when they are fighting a duel after Palpatine ordered Vader to destroy his own son. because of the threat it poses to the dark side.

Fatherhood is not for them

PHOTO Twitter

In the end, Vader shows that he is on the side of his son but all the evil he did before who takes it away. How about a dream vacation where dad goes crazy? This is the case in the film «The Shining», based on the novel by Stephen King and where Jack Nicholson plays Jack Torrance, a writer with a past of alcoholism who begins a job as a hotel guard in the mountains of Colorado.

During the winter he arrives there with his wife and son where little by little he goes crazy to the point of trying to kill them. Another who wanted to kill his son was Ego, a character we see in «Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2». The one who presents himself to us as a good character who has come to fill Quill’s family emptiness turns out to be quite the opposite since in reality he is not his first child: in a scene Gamora and Nebula discover remains of bones of all the previous children that Ego already killed.

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