Inicio » English » After Lupillo Rivera removed his tattoo, Belinda appears in black lingerie. Will Christian Nodal become angry? (PHOTOS)

After Lupillo Rivera removed his tattoo, Belinda appears in black lingerie. Will Christian Nodal become angry? (PHOTOS)

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  • Belinda appears in black lingerie on social networks.
  • Could Christian Nodal become angry at his fiancée?
  • Lupillo Rivera just erased the tattoo that he had of the singer.

Belinda black lingerie. After the singer of grupera music, Lupillo Rivera, removed the tattoo on his arm in which he had his ex-girlfriend, the singer Belinda, which caused great controversy among users, since only a black spot was left, now the singer surprises everyone when she appears in lingerie. Will Christian Nodal become angry?

Through her Instagram account, Mexican singer Belinda, now engaged to Christian Nodal, shared a series of photographs, in which she appears modeling in black lingerie, in a photo shoot for Vogue magazine, with which she left her fans with their mouths agape.

Belinda in black lingerie

Belinda black lingerie

Belinda is an actress and singer of Spanish origin based in Mexico. Her parents are Ignacio Peregrín and Belinda Schull, who always encouraged Belinda to pursue an artistic career on television and on the music scene. In her childhood, Belinda acquired a special taste for singing, which opened the doors to great opportunities for her since she was ten years old.

It should be remembered that a few weeks ago, the couple made up of Belinda and Christian Nodal, starred in a quite romantic moment, since the singer proposed to the actress in a restaurant, to which Lupillo Rivera’s ex-girlfriend immediately said yes.

Belinda Black Lingerie: Will Christian Nodal Get Angry?

After Lupillo Rivera removed his tattoo, Belinda appears in black lingerie. Will Christian Nodal be angry? (PHOTOS) 5
instagram photo

After having uploaded to her social network profile, Belinda unleashed the passions of her fans, who immediately sent their compliments and compliments in the comments, in which there is also a message from her fiancé, where she only sent some rose emojis.

His most recent relationship, according to the press, was with the singer Lupillo Rivera, whom he met during the recordings of the TV Azteca program La Voz. However, although the interpreter did acknowledge this relationship to the press, Belinda never clarified the rumors or confirmed the romance. Now she is about to marry the young singer Christian Nodal.

Belinda black lingerie: “If I’m tattooing your face”

Belinda black lingerie 2

Internet users immediately did not hesitate to appear to praise the artist, where they could not hide their love, despite the fact that her now fiancé was in one of the comments, there were those who joked by saying that they would also get their face tattooed, as did Lupillo .

“If I am tattooing your face, I am also friends”, “Belifan forever”, “These photos are my favorites”, “Beautiful spectacular my princess”, “Woman you are the most beautiful person I know inside and out we love you”, “Would it bother you if I tattoo your eyes? Sorry, I’m not vulgar “,” But what a beautiful princess “, were some of the comments.

Belinda Black Lingerie: Acting Career

Belinda black lingerie 3

In 2000, he made his debut as the protagonist of soap operas with “Amigos X Siempre”, a children’s-musical melodrama in which he showed off his histrionic abilities, but in which he also had the opportunity to interpret different themes. This production had a great success among the Mexican children’s audience, reaching the most important national stages of that country.

Once positioned as the most prominent child actress of her time, Belinda returns to star once again; this time, it was the telenovela “Aventuras en el tiempo”, a futuristic melodrama that told the stories of a group of children who could make trips to the past and the future. In it, Belinda played two characters: Ana and Rosenda, and again it quickly became a success with the audience.

Belinda black lingerie: Trajectory

Belinda black lingerie 5

In 2002, Belinda agreed to participate in a third soap opera: “Complices to the rescue”; However, in that same year she signed a contract with the BMG label, as the actress wanted to focus more and more on her singing career. “Complices to the rescue” led to a controversial episode in Belinda’s career, since after a few months of recordings, and due to the success achieved among the public, the production decided to extend the telenovela for a few more months, which led to the actress and singer to decline their participation in the soap opera.

Thus, she was replaced by actress Daniela Luján, who had also positioned herself as one of the most sought-after child actresses of the 90s and 2000s. It would take seven more years for Belinda to return to the small screen with the telenovela “ Chameleons ”; However, she would do so as a youth star, leaving behind the childish image that had characterized her at the beginning of her career.

Belinda black lingerie: Belinda and her controversial romances


In her personal life, the singer has been related to various public figures, among which are: Christopher Uckermann, Giovanni Dos Santos, Mario Domm, the American illusionist Criss Angel and, more recently, the singer Lupillo Rivera, not counting his current Christian Nodal couple.

One of the biggest controversies regarding her romantic relationships occurred in 2016, when she was briefly engaged to the illusionist Criss Angel; However, after a few months both announced their separation, but it was Angel who alerted the press of possible abusive behavior on the part of the singer, although she has not denied or clarified the rumors surrounding these events.

Belinda black lingerie: The tattoo is erased

PHOTO Instagram

Since last May 12, the singer Lupillo Rivera removed from his arm the tattoo he had on Belinda’s face, with whom he was romantically related months ago, however, she always denied that relationship. It was when Belinda and Nodal made their commitment known that speculation began about what would happen to the brand that the “Toro del Corrido” wore on his skin, rumors suggested that he would only remove it, although nothing was confirmed until it was Lupillo himself who put an end to speculation.

Lupillo Rivera made the decision to erase the tattoo from Belinda’s face out of respect for his current partner, his fiancee Giselle Soto, as he revealed in a video that he shared on his Instagram account, in which the process to disappear it from his arm. It was on May 12, when the singer went to Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco, to erase the tattoo that months ago he promised the interpreter of “Sapito”, which he would never remove. Filed Under: Belinda Black Lingerie

Says her son chose the stain

PHOTO Twitter

“I am very happy to have made this decision, in the first place it is to give the place to my fiancée Giselle, for that reason, every woman deserves her place; I know that I gave my word at some point in my life, I was wrong, we are human beings, right now we have to give my wife her place and that is why I made this decision, ”he reiterated.

Lupillo’s girlfriend was in charge of capturing the moment in which the face of Beli, fiancee of Christian Nodal, disappeared from Rivera’s limb, in this video the singer assured that it was his son L ‘Rey who chose the design of the “new tattoo ”that would later cause a lot of ridicule. Filed Under: Belinda Black Lingerie

“I am a man, not chin …”

PHOTO Twitter

“I’m doing it to give you your place as a woman, I’m a man, no ching….”, She said seconds before the process began, which, she assured, was very painful. “It was done, now it was like a brush stroke,” Lupillo said when the tattoo artist finished.

At the end of the video, Lupillo thanked the public that has always supported him, and also sent a greeting to all those who criticize him for having erased Belinda’s tattoo. “To all those who criticize me, how good they are here with me, how good that I make them smile and fight,” he said with a smile. Filed Under: Belinda Black Lingerie

A message for Belinda?

PHOTO Twitter

The video, which adds up to almost 749,132 views, was accompanied by this message: “The video most awaited by you !. My best wishes to all the lovers, this is something I do out of respect for my fiancée, thank you very much for all your support, ”it reads.

Many of his followers applauded that now that Lupillo is engaged, the tattoo of Belinda has been erased, a woman with whom he was madly in love in the past and with whom he spoke publicly, calling her “the most beautiful woman.” Filed Under: Belinda Black Lingerie

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