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Lupillo Rivera sends a message to Christian Nodal after seeing him make fun of his ‘pig’ (VIDEO)

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  • Lupillo Rivera reacts to Christian Nodal’s video where he mocks his ‘pig’.
  • Belinda’s fiancé had made fun of Lupillo by calling him fat.
  • «You know that I ate first at the table».

Lupillo Rivera message Christian Nodal pig. After the great controversy caused by the singer, Lupillo Rivera, when he covered the tattoo he had on his arm of his ex-girlfriend’s face, Belinda, a lot of people started criticizing him, including the artist’s current fiancé, who sent him a message.

A recording of Belinda’s current partner, the also singer Christian Nodal, was shared through social networks. In it, he gave his opinion on the tattoo that Lupillo got, which was only a black spot that covered the face of his ex-girlfriend, after learning that she was going to get married.

Nodal makes fun of the ‘pig’ of Lupillo

Christian Nodal says a pig to Lupillo Rivera

In the video where the musical artist Nodal appears commenting on the tattoo of Belinda’s ex, he mentions: “Everyone knows what they do with their pig”, a way of saying that Lupillo Rivera is a bit overweight, these words reached the singer of grupera music and his reaction was unique.

It should be remembered that before Nodal, Belinda had a relationship with Rivera, whom she met during the recordings of the La Voz program on the TV Azteca network. However, although the interpreter did acknowledge this relationship to the press, Belinda never clarified the rumors or confirmed the romance.

Lupillo Rivera message Nodal: Lupillo Rivera reacts to the video

Lupillo Rivera sends a message to Christian Nodal for calling him a pig

Through your account Instagram, the artist Lupillo Rivera shared a video where his current partner Giselle Soto shows him the recording where they make fun of him, to which he does not hesitate to react, he even dared to send a message to Belinda’s fiancé, as well as some greetings.

In the publication you can see how her partner, Giselle enters the room, where Jenni Rivera’s brother is sitting on the bed and says: “Hey my love, they sent me this video, which according to the Nodal called you a pig Check it out, ”he told Lupillo, who immediately reacted.

Lupillo Rivera message Nodal: «You know that I ate first at the table»

Lupillo Rivera's message to Nodal was in mockery

After hearing the words of Belinda’s fiancé, her ex-partner immediately sent his message, first he could not sustain the laugh and after repeating the recording, he said: “There is no request … man, that bato and I know that I ate first in the table, brother, there we are ”.

«There is the answer … the one who takes it to hold on», was the heading he used to accompany the post, where he sent a message to Nodal, in addition the Internet users did not hesitate to leave their comments and reacted to the singer’s post in his social network profile. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Lupillo Rivera Nodal message: «He who takes, endures»

Users defend Lupillo Rivera from Christian Nodal for calling him a pig

Most of the followers who commented on the post, supported Lupillo and mentioned that it was an excellent answer, for what Christian Nodal had said: «The one who takes hold haha ​​tried your drool», «brat so that he learns not to say his little jokes ”, wrote the netizens.

«He did not go overboard with anything, it is a simple response to an insult from the child, well said hahaha the one who takes it to hold on», «You killed him.

Lupillo Rivera message Nodal: Lupillo Rivera erases Belinda’s tattoo

Singer sends message to Belinda when she removes her tattoo
PHOTO Instagram

Lupillo Rivera made the decision to erase the tattoo from Belinda’s face out of respect for his current partner, his fiancee Giselle Soto, as he revealed in a video that he shared on his Instagram account, in which the process to disappear it from his arm.

It was on May 12, when the singer went to Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco, to erase the tattoo that months ago he promised the interpreter of «Sapito», which he would never remove. Although in the past he gave his word that he would have it until the day he died, he recognized that saying this had been a mistake, and that at this time in his life he wanted to give the place to his partner, reported the El Universal agency .

Say your child chose the design

the users message for the tattoo
PHOTO Twitter

“I am very happy to have made this decision, in the first place it is to give the place to my fiancée Giselle, for that reason, every woman deserves her place; I know that I gave my word at some point in my life, I was wrong, we are human beings, right now we have to give my wife her place and that is why I made this decision, ”he reiterated.

Lupillo’s girlfriend was in charge of capturing the moment in which the face of Beli, fiancee of Christian Nodal, disappeared from Rivera’s limb, in this video the singer assured that it was his son L ‘Rey who chose the design of the «new tattoo ”that would later cause a lot of teasing.

«I am a man, not chin …»

they make fun of Lupillo
PHOTO Twitter

«I’m doing it to give you your place as a woman, I’m a man, no ching….», She said seconds before the process began, which, she assured, was very painful. «It is done, now it is like a brush stroke,» Lupillo said when the tattoo artist finished his work.

At the end of the video, Lupillo thanked the public that has always supported him, and also sent a greeting to all those who criticize him for having erased Belinda’s tattoo. «To all those who criticize me, how good they are here with me, how good that I make them smile and fight,» he said with a smile. Filed Under: Lupillo Rivera message Christian Nodal pork

A message for Belinda?

after calling him a pig the memes appeared
PHOTO Twitter

The video, which adds up to almost 749,132 views, was accompanied by this message: “The video most awaited by you !. My best wishes to all the lovers, this is something I do out of respect for my fiancée, thank you very much for all your support, ”it reads.

Many of his followers applauded that now that Lupillo is engaged, the tattoo of Belinda has been erased, a woman with whom he was madly in love in the past and with whom he spoke publicly, calling her «the most beautiful woman.» Filed Under: Lupillo Rivera message Christian Nodal pork

Leave Belinda behind

PHOTO Twitter

In September 2020, Lupillo Rivera, 49, shouted to the world that he was in love again, that he had left Belinda behind; In his social networks he posted a video in which he boasted his relationship with Giselle, a 26-year-old girl from Jalisco, with whom he looks quite happy.

«Before someone else tells you … Today I want to share with you that I am happy, content, full and grateful to God for putting a woman like her in my path … Love, thank you for what you have done in me during this time, for your smile and your hugs in the moments that I need them most. If it is beautiful on the outside, on the inside it is more ”, reads the message that accompanies the material. SEE VIDEO OF HOW THE TATTOO WAS REMOVED HERE Filed Under: Lupillo Rivera message Christian Nodal pork

Your new partner

PHOTO Twitter

The businesswoman Giselle Soto responded to the message in a very loving way, emphasizing that despite the difficult times that Lupillo has gone through, he is an amazing man. «Love. You are a king who has been through many things in his life, and you still remain strong and amazing as you are… »

«I will continue to love you more and more with each day … until the end of time.» Lupillo is so in love, that he has even compared his fiancée with Shakira, because he recently posted a photo in which he compares both, in addition, as he said in his video, she was the reason why Belinda’s tattoo was erased. Filed Under: Lupillo Rivera message Christian Nodal pork



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