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Car emergency kit list: what you need to stay safe on the road

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Everyone on the road needs a car emergency kit list. Traveling by car is an adventure that offers spectacular landscapes and unforgettable memories, but you always run the risk of unforeseen circumstances ruining your trip. For this reason, the experts suggest a list of items that you should have in your emergency kit when you hit the road. Here is your ultimate car emergency kit list!


It does not matter if you travel alone or with others, remember to always carry a whistle with you and verify that it works properly, as it will help you communicate in case you lose contact with the outside world. Carrying a whistle with you will make you feel safer, especially if you are traveling at night or if your car breaks down in a secluded spot that is difficult to access.


Car emergency kit list

Many motorists have succumbed to exposure in adverse weather, and it’s important to stay hydrated. For this reason, experts recommend always carrying bottled water in plastic containers, since they won’t shatter in freezing temperatures.

A first-aid kit

It is always necessary to have a first-aid kit when you hit the road. This is because the risk of suffering a car mishap, even if it is minimal, is always lingering in the background. This first-aid kit should contain items such as bandages, gauze, medication for dizziness or nausea, and knives to cut seat belts in emergencies.

Clothes and blankets should be on your car emergency kit list

Some kit sheets

Something you should always keep in your car, especially if you hit the road frequently, is a change of clothes and blankets that you can use in case your car breaks down when it’s cold. This type of preparation could protect you from hypothermia and will help you get through the night even in low temperatures so you can go for help when weather conditions allow it.

Road flares, flashlight and batteries

A car emergency kit list must include various lights such as: flashlights, matches, candles, road flares and batteries. With the road flares, for example, you will be able to change tires and other road side maintenance safely and efficiently; If you require professional help, you will avoid possible accidents by alerting motorists about your car.


Car emergency kit list

The risk of death increases significantly when people who have had an accident decide to seek help on their own, especially in unfamiliar places. Venturing into unknown terrain could lead to severe disorientation. For this reason, it is recommended to always carry a compass that works properly in your car emergency kit.

Phone charger

A portable cell phone charger will be one of the most useful investments for your road trips, as it will prevent you from losing contact with the outside world and with the emergency services, in case you need them. Keeping your cell phone charged is always recommended. That way you can keep up to date with all the information you need to drive safely no matter where you are.

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