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A Border Patrol agent in the US used information from Mexican womens’ visas to seduce them

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Exhiben a agente de Oficina de Aduanas en EEUU por retirar visas a mexicanas para seducirlas
  • A US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent was exposed on social media.
  • He is accused of taking visa information from Mexicans in order to seduce them.
  • Yanin, one of his victims, exposed him on Twitter.

On odd situation unfolded on social media recently when a young woman named Yanin exposed a Border Patrol agent in the US for taking visas from Mexican women in order to get their personal information to pursue them romantically.

The issue went viral mainly on Twitter, where the 25-year-old recounts an experience she had in Las Vegas and how the Border Patrol agent used her personal information from her visa in order to flirt and even try to meet with her.

Border Patrol agent is exposed on social media

Customs Office agent is exposed on social networks
PHOTO: Twitter

In the tweet posted by 25-year-old Yanin, she writes: «I open a thread for the migration officer who uses his work to take girls to bed.» This was the beginning of the end for the CBP agent who was not identified.

Yanin explains that she went to the United States in 2021 to visit her family and accepted a job offer in Indiana. Since she only had a tourist visa, she worked for two months and returned to Mexico in January 2022. It all took a turn for the worse when she decided to travel to Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday.

Yanin described what happened with the CBP agent

Yanin began to tell the story with the Customs Agent
PHOTO: Twitter

After traveling to Las Vegas for her birthday, Yanin said that she was taken to the «little room» where they questioned her about her last visit to the United States. She told them that she didn’t work, but they called her cousin who ended up confessing everything.

The immigration officers told her that they would take away her visa for five years and were preparing to put her on a plane. She asked if they would let her stay since she already had a return ticket to Mexico and she promised that she would take it, so they agreed. On June 6, she returned to the office where she saw the agent was looking at her and even smiled at her.

The 25-year-old received very suspicious text messages

The 25-year-old received very suspicious messages
PHOTO: Twitter

Yanin returned to the airport on June 6, 2022 and was taken back to the «little room» before being escorted to the plane. She felt the agent staring at her and claimed that he even smiled at her. After that, the young woman returned to Mexico and, upon arrival, she received a message from the agent.

The young woman stated that the agent sent her a message and called her by her first name. They exchanged messages for several days and the agent sent her very suspicious messages where he even asked where she lived, if she was married, had a boyfriend and if she was on OnlyFans. He even asked her to get a new visa so they could go on a date.

Yanin says that the same thing happened to another young woman who contacted her

Yanin affirms that the same thing happened to another young woman who contacted her
PHOTO: Twitter

Later, Yanin said that she received messages from two young people who said that the same thing had happened to them. The agent had used the same strategy that he used with Yanin to seduce them, however, the third victim, who is 19, that asked Yanin to call her «F».

There in Las Vegas, «F» and the agent saw each other in his apartment, where he offered her alcohol and they slept together. The next day he dropped her off at the airport and told her to act as if they didn’t know each other, «F» returned to Mexico and the agent also went to visit her there. She says the agent even asked her if she would marry him. However, the agent suddenly stopped contacting the three victims and blocked Yanin, so it seems maybe he had a problem at work.

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