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Belinda appears in public after her breakup with Christian Nodal

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  • After her breakup with Christian Nodal in February, Belinda finally appears in public.
  • The singer and actress was at the IX Edition of the Platino Awards, which took place in Madrid, Spain.
  • «(My heart) is happy,» she said in an interview on the red carpet.

Has she gotten over him? After it was announced last February that the relationship between Belinda and Christian Nodal had come to an end, despite the fact that they had made wedding plans, the singer and actress was seen at the IX Edition of the Platino Awards, which took place in Madrid, Spain.

True to her style, the performer of songs like Luz sin gravedad and Amor a primera vista, among others, looked spectacular on her way down the red carpet, leaving behind the bad times she experienced after her breakup with the Mexican singer: “(My heart ) is happy,” she said.

Belinda evades the subject of her breakup with Christian Nodal

Belinda evades the subject of her thunder with Christian Nodal
YouTube photo

Without going into more details regarding her breakup with Christian Nodal, Belinda shared that she was about to present a very important award with the Spanish actor Álvaro Morte, for which she was very grateful and happy. He is known for his character Sergio Marquina, El Profesor, in La casa de papel.

And before sparking more controversy, the artist revealed that she will stay in Spain for work reasons: “I’m living here for a while but it’s because I have several projects here. I still can’t say what projects they are. I like Spain. It is a very beautiful country, it’s a season, you have to be like a nomad, you have to be where work calls you.” (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE)

“I will always defend Mexico”

"I will always defend Mexico"
YouTube photo

If someone wants to make fun of Mexico, beware of Belinda: «Uff, I jump,» she said in an interview at the IX Platinum Awards. The singer and actress, who came to live in Spain due to a television project that she still cannot talk about, was referring to the late night show, La Resistencia from a few nights ago.

The host David Broncano was criticized for the way in which the Spaniard imitated Mexican speech. «Like a Western movie,» he said. He added that, in this case, when dubbing foreign films, Spaniards use a porno tone: “I will always defend Mexico, it’s a country that I am very grateful to and that I love. I think you have to have humility before everything and everyone. Wherever you are, in Italy, Spain or the United States, you have to remember the good people and where you come from, your roots.”

Belinda is going to party

Belinda is going to party
Photo: Reforma Agency

Belinda, 32, will premiere Welcome to Eden this Friday, a series that she made in Spain. The show follows a group of young people who go to a secret island to have their best party in years. There will be countless traps, secrets, and even sci-fi elements.

“It’s a great job, a lot of work. We were in Spain working for more than four months and finally it comes to light. I am very grateful and I’m nervous. I already want people to know Africa, which is what my character is called,» said Belinda. Created and written by Joaquín Gorriz (Desaparecidos) and Guillermo López (Atrapada), the production has a young cast, including Lola Rodríguez (Veneno) and Sergio Momo (Elite).

«She’s a girl who doesn’t let her feelings out»

"She's a girl who doesn't let her feelings out"
Photo: Reforma Agency

“Africa is very different from me. She’s a girl who doesn’t let her feelings out. In my case, on the contrary, it shows if I’m happy, if I’m sad, angry. She is introverted and you don’t know how to read her well. She keeps her emotions in a lot,” said Belinda about her character in the series.

As her acting adventure began as a child, it could be said that Belinda is a veteran of the screen. But, she said, she considers herself a trainee who is going to be talked about well and badly: “I don’t like to read either good things or bad things about my work, I try to stay out of it, and do the work the best I can. I accept criticism, with great humility, but I don’t focus on that. I try to improve every day, my character, my diction, how I represent Africa, my character now.”

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