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How to win the lottery? 5 things that people swear work

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Find out how to win the lottery by attracting luck! You’ve probably seen stories in the news about one of the most incredible things that could happen to a person: Winning the lottery. This is something that sounds impossible most of the time, as the chances of hitting a jackpot is only 1 in 175 million.

To have better chances of winning the lottery, it’s not always enough to buy more tickets or buy them at a specific place. Sometimes, some people prefer to resort to some of the best kept secrets: Rituals to attract good luck. Learn five secrets to winning the lottery!

5. Attract luck with water

A person picking lottery numbers

According to experts in the channeling of energies, in every home there is a perfect corner to attract good fortune — financially, spiritually and physically. The first thing you should do to attract luck is locate this place, which is usually the southernmost corner of a house.

But how to win the lottery with this secret? Well, once you know where your lucky corner is, you need to put something with water there. It could be a small fountain, a fish tank or a container where you put water and lucky crystals. Then chant a positive mantra every day.

4. Removing dust is good for winning the lottery

A person playing a lottery game

To win the lottery, you cannot ignore ancient Chinese tradition: Dust should never enter a house that seeks prosperity. Rather, in a house where people want to have abundance in every way, it is never advisable to accumulate dust, and less so in spaces such as fountains and fish tanks.

This is because, according to Asian beliefs, homes must be free from impurities in order to receive all the good that is to come in. If you have a fish tank, remember to keep your fish well fed and provide them with a clean space that prolongs their life, as their death could represent a bad omen.

3. Visualize yourself winning the lottery


Visualization and positive thinking are two essential tools on your list of secrets to know how to win the lottery, since a person with clean energy will be prepared to attract all the good things that they want in life, such as choosing the winning lottery number.

Every day, before and after buying your lottery ticket, remember to visualize yourself in a safe space, where everything around you lines up so that you can go after the winning number or the ticket that will open the doors to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Perform a full moon ritual


How to win the lottery? It may be easier than you think! For that, you first need to attract all the good fortune you can, and one way to achieve this is by doing a full moon ritual at midnight. Bring a jar where you place all the coins you find in your pockets, wallet and any another piggy bank.

You can also fill a container with water, where you will place your coins to put it right under the light of the full moon, repeating positive mantras such as «I receive and attract all the good that I want for myself,» and «Good luck is about to come to my life.»

1. Turn to nature

lottery number balls

Maintaining harmony and cleanliness in the home will help you reevaluate the way in which you receive external stimuli and transform them internally. For this reason, plants are one of the elements that will give you the most peace and will help you attract luck. It is believed that some of them are directly connected to money and abundance.

In Feng-Shui, plants play a very important role in receiving the good fortune that life offers you. Planting a money tree or a lucky bamboo at home will help you find the numbers you need to win the lottery. You have nothing to lose by trying!

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