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Canelo Álvarez shows love to his wife a few days before his fight but it doesn’t go well

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  • Problems in his marriage?
  • A few days before his fight with Dmitry Bivol, Canelo Álvarez shows love to his wife, but it doesn’t go well.
  • «Colder than the North Pole,» users say about Fernanda Gómez.

Is the passion over? On Saturday, May 7, Saúl Canelo Álvarez will face the Russian Dmitry Bivol. However, recently the Mexican boxer expressed his love for his wife, Fernanda Gómez and it did not go well. Immediately followers reacted and were eager to share their opinions.

Absolute champion in the middleweight division (168 pounds), Canelo will move up to the next category to face Bivol, who is the world champion of the World Boxing Association in light heavyweight (175 pounds). For the first time, he opted for a pre-fight diet in which he refrained from eating all animal products.

«We feel good,» Canelo said in a recent interview

"We feel good"Canelo said in a recent interview
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In mid-April that, through a video call with The Associated Press, Canelo Álvarez said that he felt good and was almost ready for his next fight: “I have already won all the titles at 168 pounds, now comes a new challenge to see if we can unify at 175 pounds and this is the first step to try to do it.”

Álvarez (57-1-2) has a challenge when he faces Russian Dmitry Bivol (19-0 and 11 knockouts) because he will not be able to physically dominate him as he did against the champions he dethroned to seize all the middleweight belts. The 31-year-old Mexican is aware of this: “Apart from the size and the category he is a very good boxer with quite a few skills. He is a solid champion at 175 pounds.”

Canelo Álvarez tried something different for this fight

He tried something 'different' for his fight
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Aside from relying on his boxing skills for this match, Canelo Alvarez decided to try something different with his diet. After seeing a documentary about the benefits of a vegan diet for high-performance athletes, the Mexican boxer decided to try that lifestyle for his fight against Bivol.

“I am trying, not 100 percent, but I am trying to eat more vegan and I have felt very good. Now we are going to see what happens in the fight,” said the boxer from Guadalajara, Jalisco, in Mexico: “I try to, all week, eat vegan food, but if suddenly I want like something (of animal origin) it doesn’t matter, I go little by little, without demanding so much of myself, «he concluded.

Canelo gets affectionate with his wife but she ignores him

Canelo gets affectionate with his wife, but she seems to ignore him
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In short video that was shown on Suelta la sopa, a show that stopped airing on Telemundo just a few months ago, Canelo can be seen with his wife, Fernanda Gómez. He kisses her as he caresses her cheek. The businesswoman and influencer shows no emotion.

It should be remembered that the couple married on May 22, 2021 in a ceremony that took place in the Guadalajara Cathedral and that caught the attention of locals and strangers, so they are a few days away from celebrating their first anniversary. However, watching this video, it seems that things aren’t going very well.

“Colder than the North Pole”

"colder than the north pole"they tell the boxer's wife
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It didn’t take long for netizens to react to this video a few days before Canelo faces Russian Dmitry Bivol. Fernanda Gómez was not seen kindly: «She kind of says: ‘oh, here comes this freckled one again.'» «She zero emotion.» «Colder than the North Pole.»

“As always, only one in love.” “She cannot take her eyes off the ring.” “That woman always look someone is making doing things by force.” “Oh no. That face of terror.” “Oh, how much love, but for the little jewels.” “Pure appearances today, she looks like Thalía when the old man wants to kiss her from the side, she wrinkles her face.” “Why did everyone talk about the Belinda’s ring and they didn’t see Fernanda’s iceberg?” (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE)

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