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Angela Aguilar’s red dress earns sighs at the 2021 Latin Grammys (PHOTOS)

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  • Angela Aguilar attended the 2021 Latin Grammys in a red dress.
  • This is a great look on the singer.
  • The Mexican regional singer is a true diva.

Angela Aguilar is certainly one of our favorite young women to look to for inspiration when we want to wear the chicest look of the season. It is not a secret that the smallest member of the Aguilar clan is a fashion lover and always wears the best outfits.

Many of her fans try to imitate her beautiful looks, as they are the epitome of youthful fashion. Since they use social media, they can easily follow the singer’s daily outfits as well as those she wears to big events.

Angela Aguilar’s eye-catching gowns at the Latin Grammys

Angela Aguilar red dress
Photo: Instagram

Wednesday, November 17, the Latin Grammy Awards ceremony was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. As expected, Angela Aguilar attended the event because Flor Silvestre’s granddaughter has become a breakout Regional Mexican star like her father, Pepe Aguilar.

The young woman appeared on the red carpet accompanied by Pepe Aguilar. At first, she wore a blue backless dress. Later, the artist surprised both attendees and the press when she came out in a red dress with a glamorous mermaid skirt.

The Regional Mexican singer was a presenter and performer at the Latin Grammys!

Angela Aguilar red dress
Photo: Instagram

Angela Aguilar was more than just a presenter, as she also performed the song “Ligia Elena” by Rubén Blades. A few hours later, she posted on Instagram: “Thank you, Latin Grammys, for another loving opportunity.”

Her many followers, whether they were famous or not, congratulated the singer for her excellent work with the presentation, including Edén Muñoz, Angelique Boyer, among others. There is no doubt that for Angela opportunity is always knocking and the great thing is that she’s willing to take risks and jump at new opportunities.

The turquoise dress that Angela Aguilar wore first at the Latin Grammys

Angela Aguilar red dress
Photo: Instagram

The singer, only 18, attended the prestigious event in an incredible turquoise dress with orange feathers. She quickly attracted attention in it, as the gown emphasized her tiny waist that proves she is a member of the Aguilar dynasty.

An entertainment magazine reported that the design is a Diego Medel creation. On Instagram, the Mexican designer posted a couple of photographs of the singer on stage. In the photos, she shows off her dress, highlighting the unique shine that Angela Aguilar gave it with her spectacular figure. Angela also shared photos on her Instagram account.

Angela Aguilar’s “traditional” dress

The great controversy that Angela Aguilar caused
Photo: Instagram

The issue over whether Angela Aguilar sang the Mexican National Anthem well was one of several controversies involving the singer. Angela decided to break her silence and expressed her feelings about this experience that left her with a bittersweet taste. She was very happy to sing her country’s anthem but people’s criticism of her interpretation saddened her.

“It was an experience that helped me a lot to grow. Yes, I got a lot out of it because I had never experienced a situation where so many people threw so much hatred and bad vibes at me, and every time I opened my cell phone… I had to turn it off. [The criticism] was a bit strong for me,” she said in a radio interview with Javier Poza.

Angela Aguilar is a source of inspiration for many Mexican girls

Ángela Aguilar is a source of inspiration for many Mexican girls due to her incredible outfits
Photo: Instagram

Pepe Aguilar’s daughter has caused a stir on social media because, through her personal accounts, the young performer shares her beautiful looks with her followers, making many young Mexican women want to imitate her style.

Angela is a fashion lover. Of course, she is one of our favorite young women because of her great charisma and creativity with how she puts together her outfits. Angela’s style is full of glamor and elegance (and almost always with a Mexican flair). It enchants us because no matter what clothes she wears, she always looks spectacular and perfectly coordinated.

Mexican music fills Angela Aguilar with life

Mexican music fills Ángela Aguilar with life
Photo: Instagram

The 18-year-old artist, the most popular among the women in her genre and the most loved by the public, believes that the passion for Mexican music is growing because more and more people have the opportunity to listen to it and enjoy how wonderful it is. As an example, she highlighted the  Amazon Music Latin initiative, which has created 40 playlists of the different subgenres and themes that her peers focus on.

I was surprised by the variety of songs they found. It is wonderful,” said Aguilar, who was selected by the company as the spokesperson of the initiative. To celebrate it, she recorded a new version of her favorite song, “Bésame Mucho” (EFE).

How does the Mexican singer expresses herself in music?

We tell you how the Mexican regional singer expresses herself in music
Photo: Instagram

According to sources from the show, the young woman, who closed 2020 as one of the Latin artists who shine on TikTok, thanks to her “Tell Me How You Want” duet with Christian Nodal, considers that Mexican music is experiencing a great moment. “People are looking for songs to accompany them,” she said, adding that lyrics are important in Mexican music.

“I believe that feeling and seeing a red sky, singing to a dove that has left you, all that makes you feel either the pain or the love that the songs convey,” said the artist, who has been defending her decision to sing Regional Mexican music in a traditional way since she began singing professionally at age 13 (EFE).

Angela is the muse of a new Regional Mexican campaign

Angela is considered the muse of a new Mexican regional campaign
Photo: Instagram

On February 11 of this year, Amazon Music launched a campaign to promote the Regional Mexican genre, which includes exclusive content and more than 40 new and renewed playlists. It features a version of the bolero “Bésame Mucho” in mariachi, Angela Aguilar’s genre.

“I am happy to be part of this Amazon Music initiative that promotes Mexican music,” said Angela Aguilar, a Grammy and Latin Grammy nominated artist. The Mexican singer said that the classic bolero is not only one of her favorite songs, “It is a universal song which touches us all,” she said in a statement, according to EFE. Filed under: Angela Aguilar Red Dress.

Even in the simplest outfit, Angela Aguilar looks spectacular

Even with the simplest garment it looks completely spectacular
Photo: Instagram

The young performer is a very beautiful girl. She shines in any clothes she wears. As shown in the above photograph, she looks beautiful even in just a pink shirt and jeans. It’s because of her charisma, which is why her fans love her so much.

They say that less is more. But Andrea knows how to look good in simple and super casual outfits as well as in glamorous dresses with many accessories.

Young Angela Aguilar stuns in a black dress

At her young age, she wears a black dress that causes astonishment
Photo: Instagram

At her young age of 18, the performer gives us pointers on how to look so chic and glamorous in front of the cameras. In the photo above, the singer is wearing a very fitted mermaid-style dress, revealing her tiny waist. The dress makes her look totally elegant and beautiful.

It seems Angela has changed her preference from “ampon” gowns to more fitted dresses. It is to be expected because as the young performer grows, she will look for gowns that emphasize her figure in a sophisticated way. She has obtained this great figure, thanks to her hard work in the gym.

Despite criticism, Angela continues her musical career

Despite the criticism he has received, he has gone ahead in his musical career
Photo: Instagram

However, not everything has been perfect for the singer. In addition to emerging as one of the greatest artists of this generation, she has also faced controversial situations, such as the one she is currently going through. These are the most difficult moments of her career.

The singer was interviewed in a show about the difficult situations in which she has been involved, including the criticism she has received as a Regional Mexican singer. One of the most controversial ones was her alleged pregnancy. But through all those hard times, she continued to show her face in public and clarify whatever it is. This attitude has helped Angela Aguilar continue with her career in the music industry. Filed under: Angela Aguilar Red Dress.

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