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Close Out the Clutter: 5 Books About Getting Organized

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Whether it’s your home or your head, we all create clutter. Peter Walsh, an organizational expert and former host of The Learning Channel’s Clean Sweep told WebMd, that he divides our messes into two general types: “Memory clutter is stuff that reminds us of important events, like old school programs or newspaper clippings. Someday clutter refers to items you won’t toss because you feel you might need them someday.”

The truth is, sometimes the mess is all too much and we freeze, letting it pile up further. Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I just want someone to TELL me how to get organized!?’ Then let one or more of these 15 books about getting organized offer you ways to get every part of your life in top shape: from your schedule, priorities, finances to all parts of your home and office. Isn’t it time to begin fresh?

1. The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing  by Marie Kondo

A bookcase with an organization of books by color

Feel guilty over letting objects go? Kondo will show you how to free yourself from that. After all, an organized environment breeds a calmer mind; leaving you with more freedom and energy.

2. One Year to an Organized Life: From Your Closets to Your Finances, the Week-by-Week Guide to Getting Completely Organized for Good by Regina Leeds

A type of bookcase with minimalist organization

Need an assignment to be organized? Leeds breaks down your tasks into categories (bedroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc.). Each month is broken down into weeks, promising not overwhelm.

3. Simplify: 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life by Joshua Becker


Becker actually convinced his chaotic suburban family of four to minimize their possessions and simplify their lives. Full of humor, personal stories and practical tips, Becker is a hero.

4. Miss Minimalist: Inspiration to Downsize, Declutter, and Simplify by Francine Jay


Inspiration on how to pare down your possessions with chapters like, “What’s in a Minimalist Kitchen?” and “How Many Shoes are Enough.” Jay offer uncomplicated tips on simple living. 

5. Unclutter Your Life in One Week by Erin Rooney Doland


Part with sentimental objects in just one week. Doland tackles the physical, mental, and systemic distractions in your home and office.  From airy closets to effective filing systems, it’s freedom!

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