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400,000 patio umbrellas sold at Costco are recalled due to a dangerous defect

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  • Officials have ordered the recall of 400,000 umbrellas sold at Costco.
  • The recall was issued after several accidents involving the Costco product were reported.
  • The product could pose a fire risk.

Be careful if you already bought one of these umbrellas. Officials have ordered the recall, or withdrawal from the market, of 400,000 patio umbrellas sold at Costco due to a dangerous defect that can cause the item to burst into flames.

This week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of this Costco product after six incidents of malfunctions were reported. One of those incidents sent a user to the hospital for smoke inhalation, according to Fox Business on Saturday June 25.

Recall of an item sold at Costco

They issue a recall of an item sold at Costco

“The firm has received six reports of the lithium-ion batteries overheating,” the Commission wrote. “This includes three reports of solar panels catching fire while charging via the AC adapter indoors and two reports of umbrellas catching fire when the solar panel puck overheated and caught fire while attached to the umbrella and one smoke inhalation injury.»

The Consumer Product Safety Commission urged owners of these umbrellas to stop using them immediately, the Fox Business report warned. “Consumers should immediately stop using the umbrellas, remove the solar panel puck containing a lithium-ion battery from the top of the umbrella, store the puck out of the sun and away from combustible material and do not charge the puck with the AC adapter.”

Customers can get a full refund

They ask to stop using the product immediately

According to Fox Business, consumers can return the umbrellas to any Costco Warehouse location for a full refund. Individuals who are unable to return the product can contact Costco for guidance on how to obtain a refund.

In addition, the outlet stated, Costco is eliminating a benefit that New Jersey residents have exclusively enjoyed for years. Starting in July, Costco will require membership cards from customers looking to fill up their gas tanks.

Costco ends New Jersey gas benefit

The store removes profit

“As of July 5, 2022, your active Costco membership card will be required for gas purchases,” the store announced. Until now, Costco locations in New Jersey have been unique in allowing non-members to fill their gas tanks.

Separately, days ago Toyota began recalling 2,700 bZ4X crossover vehicles worldwide over potentially loose wheel bolts, dealing a major setback to the Japanese manufacturer’s ambitions to launch electric cars, according to The Associated Press. Toyota Motor Corp said Friday, June 24, that the cause is still under investigation, but the entire wheel could come off, risking a crash. «Until the remedy is available, no one should drive these vehicles,» the company warned in a statement.

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