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12 natural remedies for ADHD: Write this down!

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Did you know there are many natural remedies for ADHD? It is estimated that around 3% of the world’s population suffers from ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.It is usually diagnosed in childhood and symptoms include difficulty concentrating or controlling impulsive behaviors. Although ADHD often requires specialized medical treatment, there are natural options to help relieve some symptoms. Find out which are the best!


The medical community has been conclusive in saying that physical activities such as yoga and tai chi help reduce hyperactivity and can help regulate the symptoms of ADHD. Scientifically, it has been proven that a yoga session helps improve focus allows them to have greater control of their emotions.

Eating organic is a natural remedy for ADHD

12 natural remedies for ADHD: Write this down!

One of the first recommendations things doctors recommend with an ADHD diagnosis, is to modify your daily diet to include organic and high-nutrient foods. This is because the consumption of some artificial flavorings, additives and artificial colors has been shown to negatively affect behavior.

Outdoor exercise

Spending time outdoors is a great natural remedy for ADHD, nature helps you to relax and focus your thoughts. According to the available scientific studies, these types of activities are especially useful for children with ADHD and 20 minutes a day outdoors are enough to obtain great benefits.

Supplements are a helpful ADHD remedy

Some pills for a disorder

Some supplements have proven to be useful to help reduce ADHD symptoms, as long as they are approved by your doctor. Among the most used by people with ADHD are Zinc, L-Carnitine, vitamin B-6 and magnesium, although some people also find ginkgo and ginseng helpful.

Fish oil

Adding foods such as salmon and fish to your daily diet can be a great natural ADHD remedy thanks to the high content of fatty acids. Advances in science have shown that these types of acids help balance serotonin and dopamine, which promotes good brain health, especially in cases of ADHD.

Probiotics are your friends

12 natural remedies for ADHD: Write this down!

Good nutrition and the consumption of supplements promote the proper functioning of the body, providing an integral balance that especially helps people with ADHD. Recently, it has been proven that the consumption of probiotics is a good complement for the treatment of various conditions related to mental health.

Essential oils

The use of essential oils has been reported to be useful in controlling some symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, especially in children. However, there is still no convincing scientific evidence in this regard. As it is a natural auxiliary, its use does not cause adverse effects, and it can mean a slight to moderate improvement in the symptoms. Some of the essential oils that are recommended for these cases are: lavender, tangerine and chamomile.

Omega 3 is a natural remedy for ADHD

Capsules for a type of disorder

Omega 3 supplements are widely known to be one of the main aids for managing ADHD symptoms. This is because virtually all aspects of neurotransmission are directly affected by fatty acids. Scientific studies carried out in numerous groups of children with ADHD have found that the consumption of Omega-3 helps reduce hyperactivity, which directly affects other behaviors.

Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is a recommended supplement for those with ADHD who are in school. Although its effects are probably too stimulating for children under 8 years of age. This supplement helps to improve concentration. Thus, it is believed that it can be very useful when students with ADHD are in exam season or submitting final papers.

High protein foods


One of the best complementary treatments for improving ADHD symptoms is a diet rich in protein, such as pork, poultry, fish, eggs, and nuts. These foods are used by the body to create neurotransmitters, also helping to prevent glycemic spikes that produce episodes of hyperactivity.

Good sleep habits

Along with the treatment recommended by the doctor, a fundamental natural remedy for ADHD is the adoption of better sleep habits. This includes creating a sleep routine, establishing specific hours for rest and avoiding distractions at all costs when falling asleep, such as electronic devices.

Chamomile tea


One of the most harmless natural remedies for ADHD, especially in children, are natural teas, such as chamomile. This tea has been shown to safely help reduce ADHD symptoms, such as attention deficit and hyperactivity, without causing dependency or adverse side effects.

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