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A warehouse collapses during a huge fire in Louisville, Kentucky

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  • A massive fire was reported in downtown Louisville.
  • A warehouse collapsed during the fire.
  • The smoke could be seen from a great distance.

On Tuesday, a gigantic fire, which could be seen from a great distance, occurred in Louisville, Kentucky. The rescue teams immediately responded to an emergency call in the evening of July 5. Streets were closed to traffic so emergency crews could do their work.

According to The Sun, the flames caused the collapse of a warehouse in downtown Louisville and large plumes of smoke could be seen miles away. The fire crew did a great job putting out the blaze.

Warehouse collapses during fire in Louisville

Warehouse collapses after fire in Louisville

It is worth mentioning that several teams, including the Louisville Fire Department, came to the scene of the fire which began around 7:30 p.m. So far, no cause of fire has been reported, only the collapse of the warehouse.

Louisville Fire Department Battalion Chief Bobby Cooper said neighbors called to report smoke billowing from the empty two-story warehouse. Cooper said firefighters were first trying to fight the fire from inside the warehouse before being called outside.

Firefighter injured in the blaze

Warehouse Collapses Louisville Fire: Firefighter Injured

According to the authorities, the building collapsed around 8 in the evening. About 30 fire trucks and more than 100 firefighters responded to the scene, Cooper said. He also said that a member of the fire department was injured.

The firefighter was taken to a nearby hospital after receiving an electrical shock due to a downed power line. He is expected to recover. The warehouse was located in the 3000 block of River Park Drive in the Russell neighborhood of Louisville. Filed Under: Warehouse Collapses Louisville Fire

What caused the fire?

What caused the fire?

Due to the gigantic flames that were present at the scene, the surrounding buildings were evacuated, according to The Sun. Some outlets even reported that another building was damaged after catching fire. There were also reports that the weather radar detected smoke from the fire.

Residents are urged to avoid the area while crews remain on scene. So far the cause of the fire is unknown, but the column of smoke could be seen from a great distance. Russell is a neighborhood located immediately west of downtown Louisville. Filed Under: Warehouse Collapses Louisville Fire

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