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Vieira Vidente predicts what will happen following Ángela Aguilar’s scandal

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  • Vieira Vidente shares a revealing video.
  • The psychic predicts the Aguilar’s fate following Ángela Aguilar’s scandal.
  • Is Pepe Aguilar upset with his daughter after photos were leaked of her kissing her boyfriend, Gussy Lau, on the lips?

A scandal was caused due to leaked photos of singer Ángela Aguilar kissing composer Gussy Lau on the lips. Following this scandal, renowned psychic Vieira Vidente predicts what awaits the Aguilars. Is Pepe Aguilar upset with his daughter?

On her official YouTube channel, where she has more than 1.3 million subscribers, the psychic did not hold back on her predictions. She emphasized what is going on the mind of the performer of songs like La llorona and Dime cómo quieres.

What will happen to the Aguilar family following Angela’s scandal?

What will happen to the Aguilar family after the Angela Aguilar scandal?
YouTube photo

Vieira Vidente shared that the cards, her angels and her ancestors tell her that Ángela Aguilar was betrayed. She also had blinders on for a long time but she knows very well what she did, what she wants and what she is going to do.

«She was betrayed, but they tell me (her cards) that it was not a woman. This betrayal was made by a man, who appears with his head bowed, regretting what he did. Money is very important for this person who entered the life of the Aguilar family,” she declared.

“Gussy Lau is going to speak”

"Gussy Lau is going to speak"predicts Vieira Seer
YouTube photo

Before continuing with another card, Vieira Vidente announced that Ángela Aguilar’s boyfriend, composer Gussy Lau, will talk about everything that happened as a result of the photo leak. «This girl has been blinded by this boy and, if she were listening to me, I would tell her that you are not Gussy Lau’s first love and also not the last one.»

“He has played with women’s hearts. He has been with other girls and what he has done to those, he will do to you too. This is perfect for him so he can be popular. Here I see that he will be ‘fighting’. This year is not going to end well at all and 2023 will start very emotional.”

Vieira Vidente sends an unexpected message to Ángela Aguilar

Vieira Vidente sends an unexpected message to Ángela Aguilar
YouTube photo

When no one saw it coming, Vieira Vidente addressed Ángela Aguilar directly: “My girl, don’t worry, I know you’re in a difficult situation. In the cards I see her being ‘very strong’, but she is between her father and him (referring to Gussy Lau). I know you love your dad very much and I know you are sad because you feel like you betrayed your father’s love.»

The psychic drew the Sun card, which indicates that the sun will shine again for the young singer, mainly in her personal life: «This is not going to affect you professionally. We all have a past, a story to tell, nobody is perfect”.

The Aguilar family will be «destroyed»

The Aguilar family would be "destroyed"
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Near the end  of the reading, Vieira Vidente revealed that following Angela Aguilar’s scandal, the Aguilar family will be «destroyed». Pepe Aguilar is actually upset with his daughter because he wasn’t expecting it and he feels betrayed.

“Here I also see that you are going to be fighting, fighting against many people, but I do not see that Pepe Aguilar is going to put this child in court (referring to filing a lawsuit against Lau, because it should be remembered that Ángela only reached legal age just a few months ago).

Is Angela Aguilar in love with Gussy Lau?

Angela Aguilar fell in love with Gussy Lau?
YouTube photo

The well-known psychic assured that, indeed, Ángela Aguilar did fall in love with composer Gussy Lau: «She likes older men. That does not mean that she committed a great sin. Besides, here I get that he did not touch her improperly when she was 17 years old.»

“If Pepe Aguilar, or the family, were listening to me, there were only kisses and hugs. I see that she is going to give a press conference soon. I know that she made a statement on Instagram where she said she was destroyed, but she will speak the truth and will not accuse him of anything.”

Pepe Aguilar’s daughter will end 2022 «with tears in her eyes»

Pepe Aguilar's daughter will end in 2022 "with tears in the eyes"
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Finally, the psychic declared that Ángela Aguilar will end this year «with tears in her eyes.» But, as a result of this situation, she will be stronger than ever: «You are going to handle all this in a very professional way and I see that you will release songs about everything that has been happening.”

“In 2023, she is going to give a lot to talk about with those songs (which would be her inspiration). Right now, she is taking her time, but she is analyzing many things. Although she is not very hurt by the love she has for Gussy Lau, she is more hurt by her father, a warrior, whom she feels she betrayed.»

“No one has the right to interfere in your life”

"No one has the right to interfere in your life"
YouTube photo

At the end of this video, followers of Vieira Vidente expressed their points of view about what she said would happen to the Aguilars after the singer Ángela Aguilar’s scandal: “No one has the right to interfere in her life. We all make mistakes. May God always bless her and may her parents continue to support her and may they continue to be united.”

“She can do with her life what she wants!!! At the end of the day, the experiences are for her and she has to learn from everything that happens to her!!!» «Angela is a beautiful woman, she has to mature with her feet on the ground.» «May God continue to take care of her and protect me from all evil, and I send her a big hug from a distance and with much respect,” can be read in more comments (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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