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They report what happened to William Levy’s eldest son after his serious accident

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  • The eldest son of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez leaves the hospital
  • Social networks are filled with positive comments about the news
  • Days ago, Christopher Levy had an accident in a golf cart, getting his feet trapped under the vehicle

Christopher Levy, the eldest son of William Levy and the American actress, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, was discharged from the hospital in which he was admitted after suffering a spectacular accident in a golf cart, family sources informed Efe on Wednesday.

Christopher, 14, had been hospitalized in a medical center on the outskirts of Miami since he had to be transferred two weekends ago in helicopter from the scene after the golf cart rolled over and his legs were trapped.

The accident occurred when the teenager was driving the golf cart with three friends, who suffered minor injuries, in the bedroom town of Weston.

eldest son William Levy

PHOTO: Facebook. Wake up America.

According to witnesses, young He sped too much around a curve and the cart overturned. The legs of the boy, who is a prominent baseball player, were crushed by the vehicle, while the other crew members got out of the cart.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office, where the accident occurred, revealed that the teenager suffered “serious knee injuries.”

Since Levy and Gutiérrez thanked all those who had shown their support in these delicate moments on social networks, the two artists have disappeared from the social networks of which they are usual to focus on their son.

Christopher is one of the stars of his school’s baseball team, a private school located north of Miami, and this serious accident put his future as an athlete in doubt.

Topher, as William Levy’s eldest son is called by those close to him, was born on March 12, 2006. Four years later the couple of actors had their daughter Kailey.

It should be noted that the family currently lives in Miami, where Levy is preparing to open his second restaurant and star in the new version of “Woman-scented coffee”, which is expected to begin in Colombia before the end of the year. EFE News

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez thank the audience for the prayers for their eldest son.

About a week ago, Cuban actor William Levy and actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez thanked their followers on social media for the prayers and good thoughts for their son, Christopher Levy.

In the snapshot, which each one posted on their respective Instagram, with photos of them with Christopher, the following can be read as a caption:

“Thank you all who, without knowing us, pray for our son Christopher as a family. May Dio heal Christopher and the other boys completely and quickly ”the actor began.

eldest son William Levy

PHOTO: Instagram. William Levy

Later he added the following: With God everything is possible and he protects his servants who cry out to him. Christopher is a child of Faith. We know that God was there with him and the other children and we have nothing but words of gratitude to God who never fails us ”.

In both profiles the innumerable expressions of affection were not long in coming, since William Levy, being one of the favorite gallants of many, undoubtedly rained good prayers for them and their family.

A fan page dedicated to the protagonist of “Triumph of Love” wrote the following: “AMEN, so dear serpa. Thanks for taking the time to let us know how things are going. For Daddy God there are no impossible, with enormous faith and so many hearts praying for you, you will soon come out ahead. All your family from WLWPARAGUAY are with you ”

More comments began to flood the post: “May God protect you always! May Tophy recover soon, I love you “,” Improvements for Tophy, may God give them great health “,” May God bless him and heal soon. God with you ”.

You can see the publication of William Levy here.

On the other hand, his mother, actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez also posted a video where you can see Elizabeth carrying a little Cristopher while William gave him a tender kiss on his face.

With the caption: “I love you my cute boy .. Mommy and Daddy will always be by your side !! And we will win with the favor of God !! I love you with my life!! My lil man !! You are so strong and loved by God !! @christopherlevy thank you thank you thank you ”The actress also managed to touch a large part of the public.https: //

eldest son William Levy

VIDEO: Instagram. Elizabeth Gutierrez.

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William Levy’s son suffers an accident, had to and intervened in a hospital.

It was not long ago that William Levy’s eldest son was reported to have stopped at the hospital after suffering a severe accident in a golf cart in the company of his friends.

Through an Instagram page called @orlandoseguraoficial wrote about the current situation of the young man after the mishap he suffered.

In a verbatim way, they posted the following message at that time: “Christopher Levy, the eldest son of our beloved #WilliamLevy, is already recovering after suffering an accident when he overturned in a golf cart this afternoon in Weston, Florida”.

And they added: “The young man was transported by helicopter to the hospital and has already come out of a surgery to which he was subjected. Our prayers for Christopher’s speedy recovery and all our solidarity with Willy and Elizabeth. ”

After this information, the followers of the American actor of Cuban origin did not hesitate to ask for prayers for the young Christopher, eldest son of William Levy,

Some of the first signs of affection that the artist received were the following: “May God pour out all his blessings so that he may recover soon, amen.”

Other people expressed solidarity with the actor’s family and wrote: “May God help him to recover soon”, “blessings and speedy recovery”, “sir, you are in control of everything, God bless you”, “glory to God, blessings “,” God cover you beautiful and have a speedy recovery. ”

They were one of the many prayers that were written for the 14-year-old Christopher Levy, the son of actors William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez.

PHOTO: Instagram. A new day.

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