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Lady Frijoles surprises with a photo in which she shows her breasts from the privacy of her room (PHOTO)

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  • Lady Frijoles is surprised to show her breasts from the privacy of her room
  • A few days ago he published that he was mourning the death of a relative
  • Now leave sadness behind and show extra skin on social networks

Mirian Zelaya, better known as Lady Frijoles, surprises the to show her breasts from the privacy of her room, after the death of a relative.

It was through her account official Instagram that the woman decided to show a little more skin shamelessly which caused several people to like it.

The Honduran ‘jumped’ to the fame when he was part of the migrant caravan that passed through Mexico in an attempt to reach the United States and cross the border to achieve the ‘American dream’.

Image taken from Instagram @frioleslady

However, in one of her stops, the woman caused great controversy when, when interviewed, she complained in a derogatory way about the food they gave her altruistically.

On her Instagram page, the Honduran has more than 400 publications, 176 followers and follows more than 100 people.

Since the bitter episode with the Mexicans happened, Mirian Zelaya, better known as Lady Frijoles, and what time she shows her breasts, has had to deal with criticism.

Even when the video of his contempt for beans went viral, he began to receive thousands of threats from the population of Mexico.

After arriving in the United States, the woman was deported to her country and upon arrival received a job offer on a television station, where she works as a driver.

This is how this person became famous throughout the country, just for complaining about a plate of beans that they gave him on his way with the migrant caravan in Mexico, which caused the anger of Mexicans.

On this occasion, despite the fact that Mirian Zelaya, better known as Lady Frijoles, showed her breasts from the privacy of her room, she had not received comments.

In the photograph you can see the immigrant wearing a tank top, with a low neckline without much fuss, but very striking for some people.

It also appears with a discreet makeup, with earrings and short hair, loose in black and very striking to the eye.

In the background you can see her hair dresser and various beauty products such as creams, makeup, in a somewhat disorganized manner.

In her Facebook account, the Honduran informs her followers of each personal situation she experiences and is very loved by her friends.

In addition, it is there that he publishes the photographs with his best outfits and causes the excitement of his fans, especially his partner, who always sends him messages of love.

Mirian Zelaya is one of the most hated personalities by Mexicans, however in her country she is one of the most followed because she has made a great impression with her way of being and acting, which is why her program is one of the most watched by the public.

Image taken from Instagram @frijoleslady

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Recently, after announcing her wedding with Víctor Rodríguez, now Mirian Celaya, better known as Lady Frijoles, raised suspicions of a presumed pregnancy due to a controversial photograph that was uploaded to social networks.

This rumor began to spread through social networks after the immigrant who passed through Mexico published a short video of an ultrasound on her Instagram account @frijoleslady.

It was just a few days ago that the famous Honduran changed her Facebook status in which she confirmed that she married her boyfriend.

In the image you can see an ultrasound, although it is not known if it was performed on her or another person, since the name of the patient does not appear, but she immediately raised suspicions among her followers and some people reacted with a like. In addition, another image caused a stir because it is a family with a pregnant woman, who says «My family is in the hands of God.»

Lady Frijoles, who leaves the question of whether she is pregnant, has gained ground on social networks both on Facebook and Instagram and her partner is one of her main fans, so her love is highly applauded in Honduras, since many messages are sent loving all the time.

Mirian Zelaya

Image taken from Instagram @frijoleslady

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It was precisely in August that he changed his status in which he stated that he «married» and immediately received some congratulatory comments.

A woman asked why she was not invited, so she answered immediately: “Mamoy yesterday I got married in a civil way, you were not at my wedding, it will be the other year that what we do for the church, I will invite you, you will be present good morning comadre blessings ”.

In her publications, Mirian Zelaya has several photographs with her partner and it shows that she is very happy with him, since they have time together.

In addition, Lady Frijoles boasts that she has a great relationship with him, who accompanies her almost everywhere and shows off his love whenever they can.

Their is a well-known couple in their country and they are very followed by fans.

After these revelations, people begin to suspect about the pregnancy of Mirian Zelaya, from the photo of an ultrasound on Instagram, however she has not confirmed or denied these rumors, which are fueled more now that she just got married a few weeks ago.

Lady Beans breasts

Image taken from Instagram @frijoleslady

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