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The father of Pamela Silva’s baby was at his first birthday party

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  • Pamela Silva celebrates the first year of life of her son Ford
  • The child’s father was at the birthday party
  • Several celebrities attended the child’s first birthday

Pamela Silva birthday son Ford. The Peruvian host Pamela Silva celebrated the first year of her son Ford’s life, holding a great celebration, in which mother and son were accompanied by their friends and co-workers. Rumors say that even the child’s father was present at the children’s party.

Little Ford’s first birthday party, hosted by the Primer Impacto host, had a fun theme inspired by caring for the planet to keep it clean. There have been many questions in regards to why Ford’s father’s name has not been revealed, but this time he was present at the meeting, according to the newspaper.La opinión.

They celebrate Ford’s first year of life

Pamela Silva birthday son Ford
PHOTO Instagram

But for certain reasons that are still unknown, the subject does not appear in any photograph that was taken at the party of Pamela Silva’s son, although according to sources from the newspaper La Opinion, it is known that Ford’s father was present at the event before. it started.

The sentimental relationship presented by the parents of the celebrated person was also confirmed, since he was seen as very affectionate and kind, like any protective father, at the party; However, so far it has not appeared in any image shared to the guests’ social networks.

Pamela Silva shared some photos

Pamela Silva son Ford birthday 2
PHOTO Instagram

Through your account Instagram, Peruvian driver Pamela Silva shared a series of images where you can see the theme of little Ford’s birthday party. He also took the opportunity to leave a message for his son for his first year of life.

“My heart has been beating with a different rhythm for a year – to the sound of your voice and your laughter. Everything lit up with your arrival. Happy Birthday son! I love you ”, was the message that accompanied the publication, where the Peruvian’s little son is seen enjoying the moment with the family.

Celebrities as guests

Pamela Silva son Ford birthday 3
PHOTO Instagram

It is worth mentioning that there were a large number of guests, among which different celebrities such as actress Jacky Bracamontes; Pamela Silva’s program partner, Michelle Galván; Ford Liam’s uncle, Borja Voces; as well as the journalist María Elena Salinas, among other celebrities who accompanied Silva in this celebration.

“Enjoying my impact nephew’s first birthday, @fordliam__ !! And with my beautiful digital niece, @chloesophiacs What a pleasure to be surrounded by the family one chooses! Thanks @pamelasilva for the invitation. Happy Saturday, family! ”Borja Voces wrote in his publication.

They keep the identity of the father a secret

Pamela Silva son Ford birthday 4
PHOTO Instagram

According to versions of some of the celebrities who attended the event, at the time of extinguishing the candles and singing Las Mañanitas to the celebration, Pamela asked everyone to put away their cell phones, since at that time the father of the child was going to be present.

About the man who fulfilled the dream of the First Impact presenter of becoming a mother and with whom, according to the versions, she is quite in love, not much is known, only that his last name is Siberry, since little Ford Liam has that last name.

Little Ford

Pamela Silva birthday son Ford 5
PHOTO Instagram

In a photo session shared on her Instagram profile of the Peruvian driver, where she boasts how much her son has grown, several celebrities were present in the comments to congratulate the baby, and wish him good vibes with his mother.

“Today was magical, like you. @fordliam__ • How I enjoyed seeing you so happy in your day. I adore you son ”, were the words of Pamela Silva in another publication that she shared with a series of photos, where she shows how much her son has grown just one year after being born. Filed Under: Pamela Silva Birthday Son.

Celebrities commented on the images

PHOTO Instagram

Among the celebrities who left their comments on the posts, Veneno Sandoval stands out who wrote: “May God always keep you cute doll #happybirthday «; sports presenter Lindsay Casinelli said, «Beautiful and blessed, happy first lap in the sun.»

Francisca Lachapel also commented: “So beautiful, God bless you! Happy happy birthday ”,“ how beautiful God bless and guide you always! ”,“ MMany congratulations to Ford for his first year conquering everyone’s hearts and to his beautiful mother for all that she does for him every day. Health and blessings to both always! ”, Were some of the comments of the famous. Filed Under: Pamela Silva Birthday Son.

Wish you happy birthday

PHOTO Instagram

“Happy birthday, beautiful Ford !!! May God continue to bless him every day more than a beautiful photo !! «,» 1 year yaaa ?? !!!! Congratulations beautiful !!!!! Kami and Niko (and their parents) send him many many hugs !! Looking forward to seeing you «,»Omgggg happy birthday precious !!! God bless you always».

“Happy birthday baby Ford Liam!”, “Beautiful! Congratulations little Ford! You look gorgeous! «,» Beautiful my Ford !! Happy Birthday!! «,»Happy Birthday @fordliam__ «,» What a precious doll! God bless you always Happy birthday Ford ”, were other messages from Pamela’s friends. Filed Under: Pamela Silva Birthday Son.

Remember the insults when you introduced Ford

PHOTO Instagram

A few weeks ago, the driver of Primer Impacto Pamela Silva cried on the show Wake up America When she remembered the first time she introduced her baby, followers called her down, asking her when will be the day when she introduces the child’s real father.

It was a few months ago when the host of the show Univision, First Impact, Pamela Silva officially presented her baby named Ford, amid countless scandals from her divorce with the president of the NBC Universal News Group, César Conde. Filed Under: Pamela Silva Birthday Son.

Remember the first time I introduced your son

PHOTO Instagram

After this, there was much speculation about her pregnancy and divorce, where followers claim that she cheated on César or vice versa, while others argue that this baby was due to artificial insemination, although everything remains in simple rumors, where she even broke into tears. so.

In the midst of all this, the Wake Up America program He shared a video on his official Instagram account, where we see how the driver from Peru, Pamela Silva, cries when she remembers the first time she presented her baby on camera, where it was something emotional for her. Filed Under: Pamela Silva son Ford birthday.

Cry for her baby

PHOTO Instagram

In the clip, lasting around 10 minutes, we can see the conductors Alan Tacher with Karla Martínez, in the section: Do you remember …?, Which consists of putting together various memoirs of their guest artists. On this occasion it was the turn of the presenter Pamela Silva, and in the middle of the section, she broke down crying when she remembered when she showed her baby Ford: “May 4, 2020, you gave the most important news of your life, do you remember? from?» the Mexican driver began.

Later, a fragment appeared where Pamela Silva, quite emotional, presented her baby in the First Impact program, after this, we see how the host cries when she sees this charming moment: “Oh, how I cried that day, I was nervous, excited and hormonal too My son had days and it is true what I said that day, he came to make my life happy and he has done it from the moment he was born, he is spectacular, he is a little angel ”. Filed Under: Pamela Silva Birthday Son.

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